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Iron Man
Perfect 136 Points 2008

Iron Man – a super knight for our ironic age – succeeds wildly because we relate to the oh-so-human hero while laughing at his non-stop comic patter. Marvel mastermind Stan Lee, stylish director Jon Favreau and witty star Robert Downey Jr. deserve hosannas for delivering such a smart and enterta…

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  • cinemaman – IRON MAN great movie cant wait till the sequal come...
  • Wick – The great Iron Man reviews keep on coming. Now Snow...
  • Wick – Thanks AMC. I was lucky enough to see it at the <a ...
Perfect 13 Points 2002

Yeah, yeah, yeeaahh!! Bash this movie all you want!! Bash it for its cheesey goodness and its popcorn movie fun, but this is a childhood favorite of mine. I have so many good memories with this film. This is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. Even though another comic book film called “X-Men”…

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  • MJ5K – Very cool.
  • Wick – I wasn't looking for a foreign version per se, but w...
  • MJ5K – Thnx, Wick. Just one question, why'd you change the ...
  • MJ5K – Thnx, Wick. Just one question, why'd you change the ...
Spider-Man 2
Perfect 4 Points 2004

Peter finds great success in his superhero duties, but can’t seem catch a break (or even a snack), as he rides an emotional roller coaster while trying to balance his personal life, attend college, and make a living. Wait I don’t think Spider-Man has enough challenges…how about a nemesis to…

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Captain America...
Perfect 83 Points 2014

Captain America: The Winter Solider proves that Marvel is not only continuing to deliver high quality movies, but that they are capable of delivering superlative movies, which is what this second dedicated outing of the First Avenger is. Stunningly assured, super-powered yet supremely human, t…

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Thor: Ragnarok
Perfect 83 Points 2017

Marvel puts it all together for one of their very best movies yet in Thor: Ragnarok, an absolutely terrific blockbuster, and a damn funny one at that. Crayon colored, heavenly inspired, charismatically performed, deeply rooted yet easily accessible, it would be great even it weren’t a sophistic…

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Perfect 83 Points 2017

I prefer a comedy after a bad day. Logan ain’t no comedy, but it sure as hell was balm for a bad day. More Johnny Cash than Johnny Storm, it’s the first Country comik movie, yet returns to true X-Men in the end.

Marvel, wow. Keep on keeping on with one riveting, arousing blockbuster after an…

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Spider-Man: Int...
Perfect 66 Points 2018

Into the Spider-Verse is the best Spider-Man movie ever, by far, and also the best 2018 movie I’ve seen. No surprise, it represents the super-pairing of Stan Lee & Marvel’s Spider-Man with über-brilliant pop culturalist Phil Lord, he of the super smart and buoyantly funny Lego Movie

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Spider-Man: Far...
Perfect 66 Points 2019

The fate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in sticky good hands as Spider-Man improves to perfection in Tom Holland’s sophomore outing. Indeed, Far from Home gives us everything we want in a blockbuster.

It starts by playing out the changing-of-the-guard that began in the still-in-theaters…

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Spider-Man: No ...
Perfect 66 Points 2021

Third time’s another charm for the Spider-Man Home team. Or would that be the eighth time? It is a three series climax, a #ClimaxCubed. Marvel pulls it off — at a level previously seen only by The Avengers.

This is ultimate OG Marve…

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The Avengers
Really Great 83 Points 2012

The Avengers do more than avenge. They dominate – the box office and Disney’s financial performance.

More personally, they fulfill the hopes of fanboys everywhere, including older generations who don’t even know they are fanboys. Ever love a Marvel comic? Prepare to be fulfilled, fanboy….

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WikChip Image Super irony in a superpowered suit
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