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Perfect 78 Points 2009

Perhaps the most lighthearted film ever, this rib tickling short delivers surprising emotional weight in its six minute running time. Initially evoking classic delivered-by-the-stork scenes from cartoons gone by, the film soon becomes a tale of dutiful loyalty in the face of inadvertent harm. …

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WikChip Image He doesn't mean to be hurtful
Perfect 12 Points 2003

This is the short shown before The Incredibles, and it is incredible!

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The Red Balloon
Really Great 66 Points 1956

A boy and his pet balloon amble through vivacious Parisian streets in this perfect childhood confection. Just over half-an-hour long, Le Ballon Rouge won more awards than you can hold in two hands and deserves to be a preschool favorite for every girl and boy to this day.

Just when you thin…

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WikChip Image Shh! They're brother & sister. Don't ...
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Really Great 66 Points 2014

Lava is love, Hawaiian Island style, delivered in seven minutes of sweet love song and volcanic activity. The dramatic contrast works wonderfully well: the violent and the accepting, the unyielding and the hopeful. Pixar should release this short separately after it’s done opening for the gre…

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WikChip Video The actual Song - Not the actual Film
White Mane
Great 66 Points 1953

Elemental kid’s movie, just 40 minutes long, thy name is White Mane. It’s from France of all places, with French cowboys. Really. And wild French horses – white horses and white stallions.

White Mane, the leader of a herd of wild Camargues, "was a proud and fearsome horse. All the other h…

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WikChip Image Wild Camargues on the run. Fabuleux!
Day & Night
Great 66 Points 2010

Day & Night cleverly combined 2 and 3D animation, breaking new ground in the process. It presented cartoon characters of Day and of Night in a 2D foreground plane, while the world of daytime and the world of nighttime are visible in 3D space behind them. It all works magnificently well on scr…

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WikChip Video The Making of "Day & Night"
The White Helmets
Great 17 Points 2016

This short documentary about volunteer rescue workers in Syria was incredible. The true definition of selfless. Being a first responder in a war-torn 3rd world nation is bad enough. And to be an out-of-work volunteer that simply wants to save lives? That’s the definition of heroism. The reall…

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Very Good 17 Points 2014

Intrigued by a cast that included Rob Riggle, Missi Pyle, and Carmen Elektra, I gave Frank Meli’s Dragula a watch. It was a quirky but well done movie that spruces up the same-old coming of age theme with a Broadway flashiness and humor that you’ll enjoy.

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OK 17 Points 2015

Brooding and moody about a man’s time on Ellis Island told as a look back that largely lacked substance and makes a feeble attempt at an alluring twist. What was Robert Deniro thinking when he agreed to do this?

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Jay and Seth Ve...
None Yet 0 Points 2007