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Tell No One
Really Great 66 Points 2006

This terrific thriller is slyly engaging at the outset, then tremendously tense and intriguing for the duration, the sort of movie that has you intensely talking about it – working through the twists and turns – after leaving the theater.

French heartthrob Guillaume Canet is to be commended fo…

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A Secret
Really Great 66 Points 2007

More a wartime romantic mystery than anything, A Secret is nonetheless as fine a Holocaust picture as you’ll find. Being French, it’s also a sensual love story, or two.

Let’s start at the beginning even though the movie starts in the middle. A supremely athletic and thoroughly assimilated …

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WikChip Image Cécile De France: lithe object of desire
The Red Balloon
Really Great 66 Points 1956

A boy and his pet balloon amble through vivacious Parisian streets in this perfect childhood confection. Just over half-an-hour long, Le Ballon Rouge won more awards than you can hold in two hands and deserves to be a preschool favorite for every girl and boy to this day.

Just when you thin…

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WikChip Image Shh! They're brother & sister. Don't ...
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Summer Hours
Great 66 Points 2008

A finely observed familial drama about siblings dealing with the death of their mother and the disposition of their museum-like childhood home, Summer Hours disdains standard movie drama. It’s edgeless, a film for two mature cohor…

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WikChip Image Mother and Daughter of Privilege
Pauline at the ...
Great 66 Points 1983

Dangerously seductive, visually intoxicating, intellectually playful, Pauline at the Beach is très français. Bien sûr, very, very French. Éric Rohmer was past 60 when he made it, but his cinematic vision of an older man seducing a hot Parisian blonde proved he hadn’t lost touch with his inner…

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WikChip Image They also found time to talk.
Point Blank
Great 66 Points 2010

Point Blank – a thriller on rails – pauses briefly in 84 minutes of run time, but only briefly. Otherwise it propels forward, crazed yet plausible in the moment.

The big picture is insane, of course. A male nurse and his gorgeous wife revel in the impending birth of their first child, no…

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WikChip Video The movie moves just as fast as the t...
Rust and Bone
Great 66 Points 2012

The good news about Rust and Bone is that it’s not about an orca trainer’s accident. It’s about her recovery. In any case, hers is only half the story, the rest being about an oafish stud with a small child in tow. What happens to father and son is tougher to take than what happens to her – …

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WikChip Image Communing Mammals: Human and Orca
White Mane
Great 66 Points 1953

Elemental kid’s movie, just 40 minutes long, thy name is White Mane. It’s from France of all places, with French cowboys. Really. And wild French horses – white horses and white stallions.

White Mane, the leader of a herd of wild Camargues, "was a proud and fearsome horse. All the other h…

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WikChip Image Wild Camargues on the run. Fabuleux!
Great 66 Points 2012

Thérèse is a great film by the great Claude Miller of the great French novel Thérèse Desqueyroux, 1927. Think of it as Madame Bovary in the pine forests of Southwest France. Only Thérèse barely has sex, let alone affairs. Talk about a banal life. Look at her stunning poster visag…

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WikChip Image Taking in their combined estate.
Very Good 5 Points 2001

An engaging and influential foreign language film about a young woman named Amelie (Audrey Tautou) who finds a long-hidden toy box. After finding that returning the toy box to it’s now owner, now elderly, leaves her feeling fulfilled, prompting her to do other random acts of kindness. Sadly, wh…

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