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The King's Man
Really Great 66 Points 2021

The King’s Man was sprung on an unsuspecting world in late 2021, at once familiar and head-scratching. Why would the third Kingsman have a new cast led by Ralph Fiennes? In the event, all became clear. The King’s Man is the prequel to Kingsman I & II. Make that the ultimate prequel, _the King…

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WikChip Image Please ma'am, may I have some more?
X-Men: First Class
Great 83 Points 2011

First class prequels are Hollywood mutants, crisply intelligent rather than trite – obligatory touchstones notwithstanding. X-Men: First Class surpasses that standard, rebooting a tired saga with fresh casting, well grounded plot devices and an engaging mix of resonant themes.

Marvel achiev…

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WikChip Image Jennifer Lawrence in-n-out of body paint
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Rise of the Pla...
Great 104 Points 2011

What we have here is a Great Ape movie, perhaps the greatest ape movie. What’s to challenge it? Or them? More than just superapes, these are simian Humphrey Bogarts. The FX wizards having bestowed them with facial tics, they squint and grimace like great moviestars of yore.

In service to a…

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WikChip Image Best actor amongst these three? Andy ...
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Gods and Generals
Very Good 83 Points 2003

The battles of 1st Bull Run, Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville get brought to terribly glorious life in this opening salvo of a planned Civil War trilogy. Funded by a son of the South, Gods and Generals focuses on sympathetic Confederate heroes Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee. It could …

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WikChip Video One of the signal moments in US history.
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300: Rise of an...
Very Good 66 Points 2014

300: Rise of an Empire is Greek history through a fantasy lens darkly, prequel and sequel to the ‘06 hit about King Leonidas and his band of 300. The new movie’s nearly 4x Reality factor stems from Frank Miller’s graphic novel, full of vainglorious liberties, supernatural contrivances and hist…

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WikChip Video Representative Excerpt in Trailer 2
Solo: A Star Wa...
Very Good 83 Points 2018

Lesser Star Wars is still enough for a Saturday matinee’s rip-roaring yarn – the serial essence of Star Wars. George Lucas was inspired by Saturday serials from a long time ago in an America that feels very far away. But Lucas was MIA for this episode, so the Force isn’t with Han Solo’s origin st…

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WikChip Video Minutiae for those who care
The Thing
Good 66 Points 2011

What happened at that Antarctic Norwegian outpost in 1982? Anybody who’s seen John Carpenter’s The Thing has reason to wonder. Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.’s The Thing – a prequel of the same name – answers the question in satisfying if not legendary fashion.

So what if this well done hom…

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WikChip Image Winstead: Thinking-Man's Dream Girl
Rogue One: A St...
Good 83 Points 2016

The Force is with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, albeit weakly and episodically. Thus, this one-off Star Wars movie registers as a mildly tasty surprise while we endure the two year wait between major episodes.

Rogue One tells the backstory of the Death Star, that ultimate weapon of mass de…

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WikChip Image Peter Cushing: ghost of Star Wars past
Oz the Great an...
Barely OK 66 Points 2013

More wimpy than wicked, Oz the Great and Powerful unleashes plenty of sound and fury, signifying nothing more than a reminder that real movie magic doesn’t come from FX. It comes from charm and wit. IOW, this huge production seeks to recreate the timeless magic of The Wizard of Oz….

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WikChip Image Some things can't be improved.
Monsters Univer...
None Yet 0 Points 2013
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