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Perfect 3 Points 2003

This is the way that thrillers are supposed to be made. With an all star cast, Identity is one of the few thrillers that will have you guessing until the last 2 minutes of the movie. 10 strangers find themselves trapped in a motel in the middle of a storm and when they start getting murdered 1 by…

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Perfect 8 Points 2008

This movie is not only a mystery, but definately a sort of thriller. An illness that spreads and yet has no origin and no explination. That’s a scarey thought.

This movie is based on the novel by José Saramago.

The movie is about people going blind in a random fashion. The only one that…

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The White Ribbon
Perfect 66 Points 2010

This dazzling German movie shows the sociological antecedents of Nazism in ways both fresh and timeless. A penetrating societal examination unprecedented in its knowingness, it would be a landmark no matter which nation it examined. That it elucidates the generation of Germans who grew up to fo…

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WikChip Image Hand Kissing: Minimal Family Affection
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Perfect 66 Points 1963

What we have here is movie magic sans modern FX. Instead Charade conjures its allure from a couple of nonpareil moviestars delivering sparkling dialog in an idealized Paris while a seductive theme song plays in the background. Such an intoxicating mix makes it easy to fall in love with Cary Gr…

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WikChip Video Moviestar Magic Incarnate
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Rear Window
Perfect 88 Points 1954

A lavish Hitchcock treat, full of glamour, suspense and wit. The establishing scene is a virtuoso display of filmmaking all by itself, while Grace Kelly graces – there is no other word for it – the silver screen like a goddess amongst mortals.

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Harry Potter an...
Perfect 90 Points 2011

Cinematic sensations conclude no better than HP|DH:P2. We’re talking multiple climaxes, legitimate ones. This perfect finale gives us final scenes with most every significant character from the entire magical series, many consisting of just one freighted line, each perfectly crafted, all subl…

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WikChip Image The Noseless One and his Minions
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Perfect 10 Points 1960

One of the most suspenseful films ever made. Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho remains to this very day the greatest horror movie I’ve ever seen. Even after watching it so many times, the edge never wears off. The infamous story tells of a woman who steals $40, 000 and ends up staying at a qu…

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Donnie Darko
Really Great 48 Points 2001

So much to love about Jake Gyllenhaal’s Donnie Darko: The sarcasm and irreverence involved in telling Donnie’s schizophrenic story is darkly funny, the macabre occurrences, inept culture, and solid 80’s soundtrack weirdly glue things together to weave a great movie together, but you need the sto…

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The Happening
Really Great 1 Points 2008

When you think of M. Night Shayamalan many things come to mind- unknowing fear, unbearable silences, and nothing is what it seems. As with all his movies you are looking everywhere for some possible answer to the questions that he puts to his audience. This was no different. I felt I was watching…

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In the Valley o...
Really Great 17 Points 2007

This was a fantastic movie. At first it seemed that it would be not much more than a

detective yarn with a military twist, but it became much more. It exposes the human drama of

loss, pain, the will and determination to seek truth, how war twists us all, coping,

just how complicated …

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