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Perfect 83 Points 2011

Makes you proud to be an American, a movie like Buck. A documentary about legendary horse trainer Buck Brannaman, the deep wisdom, transcendent techniques and honest humanity of its subject make Buck a profoundly rewarding cinematic experience, horses or no.

Brannaman deserves more fame t…

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WikChip Video Redford got his horse sense from Buck.
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Perfect 83 Points 2007

Perfect from the first frame, this fascinating historical epic succeeds as enchanting love story, enthralling war movie and breathtaking nature film. Recounting the life of Temudgin from his noble boyhood to his emergence as Genghis Khan, Mongol puts to shame most action movies, with their con…

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WikChip Image Mongol Empire
War Horse
Great 83 Points 2011

Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse is an instant classic in several categories:

  • War Movies: WWI’s trench warfare, poison gas and mismatch between pre-industrial and industrial warfare are vividly shown, albeit without the explicit savagery of Saving Private Ryan
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WikChip Image Bringing Swords to a Gun Fight
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White Mane
Great 66 Points 1953

Elemental kid’s movie, just 40 minutes long, thy name is White Mane. It’s from France of all places, with French cowboys. Really. And wild French horses – white horses and white stallions.

White Mane, the leader of a herd of wild Camargues, "was a proud and fearsome horse. All the other h…

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WikChip Image Wild Camargues on the run. Fabuleux!
Good 71 Points 2010

Malkovich, Lane and the Greatest Horse Ever, what could go wrong? Nothing, it turns out, although Secretariat never pulls a Secretariat, turning promise into triumph. Perhaps because it’s a Disney production – reverential to a fault – or perhaps because of its mildly precious dialogue.


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WikChip Image Big Red and his Intrepid Owner
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The Horse Whisp...
None Yet 0 Points 1998
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