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Perfect 66 Points 2019

The War To End All Wars gets its closeup in 1917, titled after a year little known to we 21st century people. WWI has been largely terra incognita at the movies, even as WWII flicks are dime a dozen, a Dirty Dozen. The struggle against t…

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Wonder Woman
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Miss Israel kicks ass as Wonder Woman. But that’s not all, not by a long shot. Wonder Woman is a perfect superhero movie, deeply of the genre, yet soaring above it. That puts it in the small pantheon of DC movies, deadly earnest in the DC tradition, a la The Dark Knight

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The King's Man
Really Great 66 Points 2021

The King’s Man was sprung on an unsuspecting world in late 2021, at once familiar and head-scratching. Why would the third Kingsman have a new cast led by Ralph Fiennes? In the event, all became clear. The King’s Man is the prequel to Kingsman I & II. Make that the ultimate prequel, _the King…

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War Horse
Great 83 Points 2011

Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse is an instant classic in several categories:

  • War Movies: WWI’s trench warfare, poison gas and mismatch between pre-industrial and industrial warfare are vividly shown, albeit without the explicit savagery of Saving Private Ryan
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WikChip Image Bringing Swords to a Gun Fight
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Journey's End
Good 17 Points 2017

Major drama focusing on the deep feelings of fear and dread from British Officers stuck in a dugout in Aisne in 1918. The Germans are about to come over the wall, and it took unbelievable bravery to overcome raw nerves where the reward was death and destruction. The movie was a bit overbearing …

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Aces High
OK 17 Points 1976

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines – as the phrase went back in the day. Magnificent indeed, but also jaded, troubled, and struggling with the fact that so little of them ever make it through WWI sotries alive. Aces High takes a soft-pedal (well, soft for a 70’s movie anyway) look a…

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All Quiet on th...
None Yet 0 Points 1930
All Quiet on th...
None Yet 0 Points 1979
Hell's Angels
None Yet 0 Points 1930
King of Hearts
None Yet 0 Points 1966