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Zero Dark Thirty
Really Great 83 Points 2012

Zero Dark Thirty tells the truthy tale of the deadly hunt for Osama bin Laden, making it one of the most potent political movies of all time. The certain reverberations are hard to predict. Wikileaks? Wikiflick.

It starts with a dark screen, then a title card. September 11, 2001. Scre…

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WikChip Image Toe-to-toe over how to find bin Laden
Good Kill
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Obama’s War on Terror comes alive in Good Kill. Set in 2010, after the second POTUS to prosecute the Islamist War dramatically escalated drone warfare, it unflinchingly portrays the toll on airmen and their families from a new kind of combat in an incompetently defined war. Albeit fictional, it…

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Eye in the Sky
Really Great 86 Points 2015

21st century war gets personal in the heart-pounding Eye in the Sky, one of the best 21st century war movies yet.1 Helen Mirren’s steely colonel directs a global military response to Islamist terror, adroitly coordinating activity in Kenya, Nevada, Hawaii, Bejing and Singapore from two rooms …

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WikChip Video Director & actor Gavin Hood talks tur...
Patriots Day
Really Great 83 Points 2016

Patriots Day gets up close and personal with the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. By turns moving, enraging, loving and occasionally funny, it’s an unflinching look at lone wolf terrorism and how one American city fought back against Islamism in their midst. Two previously unseen aspe…

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WikChip Video The Battle of Watertown
Act of Valor
Great 83 Points 2012

Think of Act of Valor as real US Naval Special Warfare come to cineplexes, not as a normal war movie. Thus the valor is certain, the acting not so much.

Directed by a couple of former stuntmen and starring a bunch of active duty SEALs, it is earnest in the extreme and often wooden in its no…

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WikChip Video Real bullets make this a unique movie
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13 Hours: The S...
Great 83 Points 2016

The 2012 Islamist militia attack on the two U.S. outposts in Benghazi Libya comes alive as a colossal and utterly predictable central-government failure in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Truth!

The amazing thing is that only four men died, even if one was Ambassador Chris Stevens…

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WikChip Video Gold Star Parents react to 13 Hours
Hotel Mumbai
Great 66 Points 2019

The 2008 Mumbai attacks were of 9/11 savagery and comprehensiveness, yet have faded from Western consciousness. Hotel Mumbai recreates them with stunning alacrity, moving quickly from the Islamist terrorists coming ashore in rubber boats to starting to shoot-up train stations, restaurants and e…

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WikChip Video A Measure of Justice
A Most Wanted Man
Very Good 83 Points 2014

Noted mostly as Philip Seymour Hoffman’s cinematic swan song, A Most Wanted Man is also a clear-eyed look at the long twilight struggle that we in the West have with the Islamists who are trying to kill us. Hoffman goes deep – real deep – as a 21st century German intel officer trying to keep Ha…

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The Kingdom
Very Good 96 Points 2007

The Hollywood action movie treatment gets applied to Islamist terrorism in the center of Arabian Oil power in The Kingdom. The result is an entertaining and enlightening show that has more than enough relevance to raise it above run-of-the-mill popcorn fare.

Several mainstream media critic…

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The Hornet's Nest
Very Good 17 Points 2014

Gritty, stressful, and suspenseful documentary of life in Afghanistan’s war zones. Well aided by dramatic narrative, shooting, and even music added to the suspense. But possibly the most impactful part of the movie is the closeness to the action that the father and son reporters were: down to …

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