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The Blue Angel
Really Great 66 Points 1930

Seminal movie, thy name is The Blue Angel, Der Blaue Engel in its native German. Josef von Sternberg was 36 when he paired unknown Marlene Dietrich with eminent Emil Jannings. Dietrich and von Sternberg rocketed straight to Hollywood. Jannings was left behind, kind of like in the story its…

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The Bicycle Thief
Really Great 71 Points 1948

Reverential movie, thy name is The Bicycle Thief. Long considered one of the greatest movies of all time, it still qualifies. Real people play the parts, none more affecting than seven year-old Enzo Staiola’s Bruno.

The kid’s now my favorite boy in all of movie history.

Bruno’s Dad hock…

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WikChip Image "They don't pay for repairs!" Love t...
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Yesterday, Toda...
Great 66 Points 1963

Triple helpings of Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni make Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow a triplo trattare of sexy Italian comedy. 1963’s Best Foreign Language Oscar-winner is a primo classico movie.

It’s like watching three 40-minute TV episodes performed by all-time great moviestars – a…

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Marriage Italia...
Perfect 66 Points 1964

A pre-sexual revolution Italian trifle, Matrimonio All’Italiana packs a considerevole punch 50 years on.

Consider Sophia Loren – in her prime. Screen sirens come no hotter or more joyous.
Just 30 when Marriage Italian Style was made, she plays 17 stunningly and 37 powerfully.


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The Discreet Ch...
Barely OK 66 Points 1972

Great title, lame movie. Perhaps the cutting edge from 1972 was bound to appear silly four decades later, but this French farce sure hasn’t aged well. Desperate to offend, it mostly baffles and boggles. Is it too late to rescind its Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film?

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The Man Who Lov...
OK 66 Points 1977

François Truffaut’s The Man Who Loved Women hasn’t aged well. Perhaps that happens to every Lothario. It certainly seems to happen to movies about them. Nonetheless, this famous French film carries a certain fascination given that it was created by the legendary auteur behind "the Auteur Th…

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WikChip Image The Man Who Knew Women
Das Boot
Perfect 83 Points 1981

One of the all-time great submarine movies, so terrific it even had this Yiddish Yank rooting for the Nazi Navy.

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Pauline at the ...
Great 66 Points 1983

Dangerously seductive, visually intoxicating, intellectually playful, Pauline at the Beach is très français. Bien sûr, very, very French. Éric Rohmer was past 60 when he made it, but his cinematic vision of an older man seducing a hot Parisian blonde proved he hadn’t lost touch with his inner…

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WikChip Image They also found time to talk.
Infernal Affairs
Really Great 66 Points 2002

Infernal Affairs screams Hong Kong 2002. Movie theaters advertise Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones back in black and Harrison Ford as Capt. Alexei Vostrikov. Within that milieu, Alan Mak & Wai-keung Lau’s blockbuster unspools a cop story of such depth, perfection and tension that Martin Scorsese …

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The Spanish Apa...
Very Good 66 Points 2002

How to make a pleasant French sex comedy? Drop half a dozen attractive young singles into one apartment, ideally in a mildly exotic city. Occasionally drop in a boyfriend or girlfriend from back home and mix in a lonely wife living nearby.

Voilà! L’Auberge Espagnole, a European hit that w…

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WikChip Image A lesbian teaches a guy to seduce a girl