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Training Day
Perfect 71 Points 2001

Perfect bad cop movie. Towering performance from Denzel, all in as the baddest man to ever carry a shield. Supported by several stellar actors in juicy parts, perfectly directed by Antoine Fuqua from martial specialist David Ayer’s knowing script, Training Day unspools macho declamatory exhor…

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Sea of Love
Perfect 83 Points 1989

Engrossing and terrifically sexy, this perfect thriller combines star power, a deep cast, and a plot worthy of Hitchcock to create a movie that never goes out of style.

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American Gangster
Really Great 123 Points 2007

Denzel and Crowe at the top of their games, combined with a compelling (if familiar), interesting and assured story make this an almost perfect gangster movie, just shy of the Godfathers and Goodfellas….

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Really Great 78 Points 1958

Hitchcock’s classic thriller, dizzying as ever, still packs enough punch to make girls scream. While tame by the crude standards of the past thirty years, the movie doesn’t lack for intrigue, glamour and surprise.

That said and though Vertigo is widely acclaimed as Hitchcock’s masterpiece, …

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Infernal Affairs
Really Great 66 Points 2002

Infernal Affairs screams Hong Kong 2002. Movie theaters advertise Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones back in black and Harrison Ford as Capt. Alexei Vostrikov. Within that milieu, Alan Mak & Wai-keung Lau’s blockbuster unspools a cop story of such depth, perfection and tension that Martin Scorsese …

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Really Great 66 Points 1985

Harrison Ford came down to earth in Witness, proving his stardom transcended SciFi and Fantasy. More importantly, Peter Weir’s big hit proved a heartwarming thriller. Still is, some 30 years after its premier.

Ford plays an ambitious Philly Detective who holes up with a nearby Amish family a…

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In the Cut
Really Great 66 Points 2003

In the Cut deserves more than mere notoriety for a provocative title and Meg Ryan’s erotic performance, though the latter is monumental – No more RomComs for the RomCom Queen. – and vividly memorable.

Slow starting, moody, Jane Campion’s movie finally turns fully creepy 30 min in, not a mome…

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The Boondock Sa...
Great 108 Points 1999

The Boondock Saints traffics in cliches, smoothly and high mindedly at first, then over-the-top, ultimately jumping the shark entirely. Fortunately it’s a hell of a lot of fun the whole way down.

It tells the tall tale of twin brothers who rise from the Irish precincts of South Boston to kn…

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48 Hrs.
Great 66 Points 1982

Big time action-comedies kind of got started with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs. Big stars, big action, big laughs – big time. Walter Hill was an action guy, a Western action guy. Directing megahunk Nolte, with a never funnier Murphy, set in San Francisco, his big hit paved the way f…

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American Gigolo
Great 66 Points 1980

American Gigolo kickstarted the Eighties. It made the Seventies suddenly – instantly – yesterday. Unkempt & brassy gave way to sleek & sophisticated, disco to New Wave. How? Gere wearing Armani, driving a Mercedes, listening to Blondie in Schrader’s glimmering California masterpiece, that’s…

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