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The Incredible ...
Barely OK 66 Points 2013

Magic is making the incredible seem real, per The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Comedy magic is making the recognizable irresistibly funny, per me. Alas, this movie lacks comedy magic.

One wry smile, but no LOLs and no guffaws get triggered by its strenuous jokes. Pity too, because the cas…

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WikChip Image Try screwing this up. They did.
Anchorman 2: Th...
Good 66 Points 2013

The Legend Continues and so do the laughs. Unfortunately so do the gaffes, which way outnumber the LOLs, driving the gaffe-to-laugh ratio well above 1. That’s far from great, even if some of the bits are truly great. Yes, you’ll laugh YAO early & often enough, so one can say The Legend C…

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WikChip Video Good, Bad & Ugly: Carell, Ferrell, Team
Hail, Caesar!
Really Great 66 Points 2016

Seriously funny and savagely smart, Hail, Caesar! represents another triumph for the Coen Brothers and their company of retro thespians. A satire of golden age Hollywood, it uses the Studio System as a canvas to mock targets across the political spectrum. Amazingly the Lefties take the worst o…

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WikChip Image Moviestar Cleans Up Well
Popstar: Never ...
Very Good 66 Points 2016

Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island confreres Akiva & Jorma go big in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Justin Bieber big. The Biebs and other hip white popstars from Ringo Star to Adam Levine are the target of this big budget satire. A couple dozen celebrity cameos goose the Grammy Quotient, …

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WikChip Video All The Good Stuff
Animal House
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Animal House is many things: riotously funny movie, cultural touchstone, seminal hard-R teen comedy. Those make it a font of archetypes and catchphrases, including Bluto (“Seven years of college down the drain.”), Neidermeyer (“A Pledge Pin!”), Dean Wormer (“DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!”), Flounde…

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WikChip Video "He can't do that to our pledges!"
The Family
Very Good 66 Points 2013

Less an LOL comedy than one that keeps you in a semi-sustained semi-grin, The Family has lots to like if not enough to love. Luc Besson’s Mafia satire does score easily and often, with major stars delivering most of its best lines. They each shine brightly, though not in the order you might e…

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WikChip Video Dickhead boys get taught a lesson.
The Death of St...
Good 66 Points 2018

Cults of personality hit peak absurdity when their object dies, as vividly satired in The Death of Stalin. Unfortunately, this political comedy is more smart than funny. Hence, its LOLs are few and far between.

Stalin funny? Yeah, even though he stands nearly alone in megalomaniacal evil, be…

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WikChip Video The Banality of Evil, Satired
Long Shot
Very Good 66 Points 2019

Long Shot is often downright hilarious while also being unintentionally revealing about the state of Left Wing America, making it a very good movie, if a sad one at the same time. So it goes in our 2019 world.

The unlikely couple at the center of this post-rom romcom are Charlize Theron’s su…

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WikChip Image Long shot? Moon shot.
Jojo Rabbit
Really Great 66 Points 2019

The Hitler Youth get a satirical stake through the heart in the wonderfully wacky Jojo Rabbit. Taika Waititi – he of Thor: Ragnarok – wrote the screenplay, directs the movie and even stars as a wacky Hitler, well a Hitler as the imagi…

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WikChip Video Taika Waititi cracks wise.
Johnny Dangerously
OK 66 Points 1984

Michael Keaton and a WTF cast couldn’t rescue Amy Heckerling’s mob parody Johnny Dangerously. About that cast, guys like Dick Butkus, Alan Hale Jr. and Ray Walston pop up in like three scenes each. What The Fuck?

Unfortunately the bad screenplay falls flat, with nary a joke that works.

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WikChip Image They were cast for height.