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Wolfman898's Review

Created Jan 02, 2009 01:40PM PST • Edited Jan 07, 2009 06:26PM PST

  1. Quality
  2. Perfect 5.0

    “What is a Human Life Worth?” is the question Spielberg’s magnum opus asks us. Schindler’s list is a very powerful movie with a very strong message. It begins with Liam Neeson as Oscar Schindler, a man who hopes to make a living using making military weapons using the cheap work force of Jews. He is granted his wish, and is given a workload of Jews, whose names he keeps on a list. Slowly he realizes that the Jews that work in his factory are not going to be killed, and that his list is really a list of life. He then sets out to save Jews in one of the most dangerous places in world history: Nazi Germany.

    In total, Oscar Schindler saved over 1,000 Jews from extermination. He made sure that his factory never produced a single weapon that could do damage. He died a very poor man, captured by Russian forces after Hitler committed suicide. One of the Jews on Schindler’s list carried the story of Oscar Schindler to the America’s, where a book was written in his honor. That book was picked up by Steven Spielberg, who went on to make arguably the most disturbing movie ever made.

    Schindler’s list portrays the holocaust without leaving anything out and not holding back, so it will be emotionally difficult for most people to watch. Many people are shot, point blank, for no reason, besides them being Jews. Not a lot of blood, but the violence is very realistic. Oscar watches some of these horrible things while trying to find workers. He saves many of these people, while others are shipped off to meet other horrors. His ring has engraved on it: “whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.”

    You get the message from all the disturbing things you see in the movie. As Steven Spielberg put it in his acceptance speech for “Best Picture”, “Don’t let the holocaust become a footnote in history, teach it in your schools.” We all may benefit from someone like Oscar Schindler. He knows what is coming his way if he is caught, and he continues to save more and more Jews. It sends a shiver up my spine whenever I think about it after seeing this movie:

    “What is a human life worth to you?”

    Schindler’s list is a powerful film, with powerful messages. It makes us pray for an Oscar Schindler in our lives. Or maybe we can set out to do something good as well.

    What does this all equal:

    The Greatest Film of All Time.

    “Whoever saves one live, saves the world entire.”

    Schindler’s list
    Steven Spielberg
    Liam Neeson, Ben Kingsly
    R for Strong Disturbing Actuality Violence, Some sexuality and Language
    195 Minutes, 3 Hours 15 minutes

  3. Perfect 5.0

    The acting is not the main reason the film is so powerful, but it helps. Almost all of Liam Neeson’s lines will either make you feel better, or send a shiver up your spine. Mr. Stern is one of the "Good guys” in the movie as well. He has the same effect as Oscar Schindler, making the movie better. My favorite line from him: “here will be generations because of what you did.” Indeed there were. That makes you appreciate more in more what Oscar Schindler did. Amon Goeth is basically the bad guy. He tries to tell Oscar that Jews should be prosecuted, and that he cannot let them put him under their spell. He describes them as a “Virus”, and he makes you hate Nazi Germany even more

  4. Male Stars Perfect 5.0

    Liam Neeson is the Perfect Shindler.

  5. Female Stars Really Great 4.5

    There is no one important female character, but they all do very good.

  6. Female Costars Perfect 5.0
  7. Male Costars Perfect 5.0
  8. Perfect 5.0

    Steven Speilberg created a movie that has great visuals, great msuical score and made the most powerful film ever.

  9. Direction Perfect 5.0

    Steven Speilberg is the Greatest Director of All Time. This is Simply his finest Work.

  10. Play Perfect 5.0

    It’s the way it is said. Almost All of Liam Needson’s lines will send a shiver up your spine or make you fell warm and fuzzy.

  11. Music Perfect 5.0

    It’s very depressing… but it should be.

  12. Visuals Perfect 5.0

    The violance is very realistic. Speilberg uses this to get the message across.

  13. Content
  14. Horrid 3.6

    It is one of those movies most will have to shut off half-way through to get over the shock. It is not a movie just bent on disturbing us beyond all means. It is a film that we all should watch….and learn from.

  15. Sex Erotic 2.8

    Some Boobs, some Full- frontal male and Female Nudity, but no sexual conduct.

  16. Violence Monstrous 5.0

    How could people treat other people like that? It’s very realistic, and very disturbing. Not much blood, but it will upset your stomach. Many people are shot, mercilessly.

  17. Rudeness Profane 3.1

    Not a Lot of Swearing, but when there is…. it is very strong.

  18. Natural 1.0

    Human life is not something to be treated with disrespect like the Jews in Schindler’s list. Watching the movie, all you think is “How can people treat others like that?” And it changes you, for the better.

  19. Circumstantial Natural 1.0

    Nothing fake.

  20. Biological Natural 1.0


  21. Physical Natural 1.0

    All of the violance, while very disturbing, is realitic.


Subscribe to Schindler's List 4 replies, 4 voices
Apr 14, 2010 2:11PM

Easily the best holocaust movie. And I agree with FAW, The Pianist is a close second.

Jan 24, 2009 2:14AM
Fire at Will!

It’s a fantastic movie – and yes, the best Holocaust one too. Polanski’s ‘The Pianist’ is probably the only other film close to it I would say.

Jan 10, 2009 8:14PM

I agree that it is the Best Holocaust movie.