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Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Perfect 19 Points 2003

This movie is flawless. Nothing about it made me wonder “why” or “what”- I just went along for the ride. The movie didn’t stress me out. It didn’t bore me. It didn’t gross me out (then again nothing does). To start, the story is extremely well executed. It flows extremely well from the beginning …

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Star Wars
Really Great 14 Points 1977

The definitive science fiction film and one that revolutionized the art that is film making, George Lucas’ masterpiece Star Wars: A New Hope(once merely known as Star Wars) is a visually stunning epice that has broke numerous grounds in film, started a cult following, and has been referenced …

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The Peanut Butt...
Really Great 66 Points 2019

One of the best movies of 2019 suffers from a terrible title of four words that don’t normally go together. People tend to ignore movies this poorly titled. Pity. This movie’s greatness starts with its plot: a Down’s guy goes out on the lam, buddies up with a hard-bitten fisherman, rafts a river,…

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Galaxy Quest
Great 66 Points 1999

J. J. Abrams famously called Galaxy Quest “one of the best Star Trek movies ever made.” That from the man who so successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise. His endorsement oversimplifies this brilliantly entertaining movie howeve…

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Wedding Crashers
Great 66 Points 2005

Wedding Crashers still slays almost a decade and a half after it knocked ‘em dead in theaters. But it also feels suddenly dated, and not just because it harks from BI (Before iPhone). No, it’s a fossil because it makes light of womanizing, a comedy topic that’s decidedly unwelcome in the post-2…

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Act of Valor
Great 83 Points 2012

Think of Act of Valor as real US Naval Special Warfare come to cineplexes, not as a normal war movie. Thus the valor is certain, the acting not so much.

Directed by a couple of former stuntmen and starring a bunch of active duty SEALs, it is earnest in the extreme and often wooden in its no…

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Winter's Bone
Very Good 96 Points 2010

Heroism and bravery have a new name, and that name is Ree. Just 17 years old, Ree’s as brave and heroic as any movie hero ever. Played by stellar newcomer Jennifer Lawrence, her quest – Winter’s Bone being a quest movie – is so virtuous and she’s so intrepid, so true, that you know she’s boun…

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WikChip Video "Talking just causes witnesses."
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Taxi Driver
Very Good 16 Points 1976

In my first viewing of Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, I thought it was a very well made film and respected the fact that it was in fact one of the greatest films ever made. However, I simply didn’t like it as much as other people did. There was something missing that made Scorsese’s other films…

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Very Good 83 Points 2012

Prometheus may be pretentious but it’s also spectacular and occasionally petrifying, an imperfect blockbuster to be sure but hardly an unsatisfying one. Ridley Scott rarely delivers anything less. Perhaps he’ll deliver more in the inevitable sequel.

Notwithstanding a strong cast, the space…

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WikChip Image The real star of the movie
Very Good 83 Points 2009

This magnificent political biography also happens to be a very good movie. Not a great movie, but a great and important story, well told and even better acted by its two leads. Lessons in history and leadership should all be so charismatic.

The movie has rhythms and totems unfamiliar to Amer…

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