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Really Great 83 Points 1996

This tremendously entertaining caper movie starts kinda’ campy – Girl-on-Girl meets Goodfellas – but ends as tense and surprising as movies get. Sexy, thrilling and funny, the movie features indelible performances, endless and endlessly entertaining plot twists, amusingly hardboiled dialogue, an…

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WikChip Image Yep, they're hot for each other.
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Baby Driver
Great 83 Points 2017

Choreography comes to car chases in Baby Driver. British director Edgar Wright’s benchmark blockbuster presents like Tarantino set to music. Nowhere to Run, Radar Love and Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up lead the 60s & 70s chestnuts that impart old-school cool into this new-school movie. Star…

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WikChip Video First Rate Musical Appreciation
Good Time
Great 66 Points 2017

Good Time is a helluva good time movie, if your taste in movie entertainment includes sickly funny slices of life from the underbelly of society. Mine does, for better or worse, so this demented masterpiece struck me and most of my entire theater as OMG and increasingly LOL pretty much all the …

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WikChip Video No more making fun of Robert Pattison
North by Northwest
Great 7 Points 1959

Cary Grant and Alfred Hitchcock combine in a great caper movie – maintaining just enough menace to be thrilling in the vein of Hitchcock’s best movies, yet also featuring much comedy. The acting class on display only adds to the movie’s excellent reputation.

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Great 83 Points 2012

High-powered action thrillers should all be this accomplished. Contraband smuggles a slyly clever plot, heavy-metal action and solid exploitation of an underexploited setting into theaters. A strong cast led by Mark Wahlberg is less a secret but no less an asset for this savvy crowd-pleaser….

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WikChip Image Merchant Marine Heavy-Metal Action
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Three Kings
Very Good 83 Points 1999

Three Kings succeeds magnificently as cockeyed caper movie, less so as metaphor for America’s abortive involvement in Iraq following the Persian Gulf War. The former unspools propulsively as George Clooney’s disgruntled commando leads a ragtag crew on a crazy hunt for Saddam Hussein’s gold. T…

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WikChip Video Exploding Cow, Unplanned Responsibili...
The Bank Job
Very Good 83 Points 2008

A quality caper movie based on a still murky true story from the early 1970s, The Bank Job efficiently entertains with a combination of larcenous derring-do and salacious scandal. Engagingly performed by Jason Statham, Saffron Burrows and a crew of quality character actors, the movie judicious…

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The Art of the ...
Good 66 Points 2013

I’ve been a Kurt Russell fan since The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, making him perhaps my favorite moviestar. He’s played Elvis, he’s played the last living man on a polar mission, he raised Kate Hudson after “marrying” my favorite comedienne Goldie Hawn and he’s still worth watching. Crunch Calho…

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WikChip Image Kurt Russell's still got it.
Man on a Ledge
Good 83 Points 2012

Clever and cliched at the same time, Man on a Ledge generates sufficient thrills to pass the time but not enough to seek it out.

Sam Worthington plays a framed cop who concocts an elaborate stunt to prove his innocence. Per the title, he threatens to jump from a hotel ledge in midtown Manha…

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WikChip Image Beauty and the Mook
Trapped In Para...
Good 3 Points 1994

Trapped in Paradise is another caper gone bad comedy done in the early 90s. Nicolas Cage plays a man trying to do good in his life, while being surrounded by a temptation to do wrong and take “The easy way out”. After his two brothers (Carvey and Lovitz) are paroled from prison, Cage gets caught…

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