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Margot at the W...
Great 83 Points 2007

Nicole Kidman goes to her estranged sister’s wedding. Jennifer Jason Leigh, said brilliant and beautiful sister, is marrying Jack Black, a buffoon who spectacularly overestimates himself. Classic Jack Black.

Speaking of spectacular, Kidman’s Margot is a spectacularly successful fiction write…

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WikChip Image Who says you can't go home again?
Blue Jasmine
Great 86 Points 2013

Cate Blanchett transfixes in Woody Allen’s superior dramedy Blue Jasmine. Playing the Jasmine of the title, Blanchett goes from Park Avenue socialite to broken vixen in a performance that masterfully oscillates between elegance and rawness. That last almost assures her an Academy Award nomina…

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WikChip Image The great Cate in Chanel & pearls w ...
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The Wolf of Wal...
Great 83 Points 2013

The Wolf of Long Island celebrates a craven criminal: a coke snorting, lude popping, reverse Robin Hood. What’s that? The biopic about the demented Jordan Belfort is titled The Wolf of Wall Street. Really? He spent scant time there. Belfort and his entire operation are Long Islanders dow…

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WikChip Image Does this look like fun? Yes! No.
The Secret of N...
Great 66 Points 1980

Tesla stands alone: the most mystical, the most gifted, the most freaky of the great industrial magnates, e.g., Edison, Westinghouse & J.P. Morgan, who also appear in this biopic of the Serbian-American inventor. From Zagreb, it presents as a bizarre movie where people’s mouths don’t match what’…

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WikChip Video Tesla meets J.P. Morgan. Edison fumes.
Great 83 Points 2015

Joy became more about Jennifer Lawrence than about Joy Mangano, the subject of this imaginative biopic. Even more, it became about JLaw reuniting with Bradley Cooper & Robert De Niro in a David O. Russell movie. Coming just three years after their Silver Linings Playbook

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WikChip Video The real Joy talks about the movie Joy.
The Other Woman
Very Good 66 Points 2014

A cheated wife gets her revenge in The Other Woman by stealing the movie from “the other woman”. That would be Leslie Mann stealing from Cameron Diaz, the big star and a natural as the other woman. Mann is hilarious as a kookie wife who gets not just the last laugh, but most every other one a…

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WikChip Image Leslie Mann upstages Cameron Diaz, again
The Flamingo Kid
Very Good 66 Points 1984

Matt Dillon’s star turn elevates charmingly amusing nostalgia into a memorable movie. Fortunately, Dillon’s not alone in lending star power to what ultimately feels like a high quality Movie-of-the-Week. Richard Crenna, Jessica Walter and Hector Elizondo help round out the terrific cast.


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WikChip Video Sweet Ginger Brown
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Grey Gardens
Good 66 Points 2009

Grey Gardens is a fascinating biography of Jackie Kennedy’s aunt and cousin as they descend from high society to seedy eccentricity. The movie’s hardly worth seeking out, but eminently watchable for those interested in the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the Hamptons, or all things Kennedy. …

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WikChip Image The real Beales.
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