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Thomas Jefferson
Perfect 66 Points 1997

Ken Burns’ Thomas Jefferson: Those two names linked by an apostrophe should be ample inducement for Americans to view this two-part documentary. We may not read like we once did, but absorbing history via captivating video works well for the iPad generation. Fortunately, our exceptional Ameri…

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WikChip Image Perfect Political Thinking in Poetic ...
The Madness of ...
Perfect 66 Points 1994

Fascinating history lessons are rarely tremendously entertaining, yet The Madness of King George is both. Frequently funny, often charming, it’s nevertheless chockablock with important historical insights about the British government, crown and class system, and the ignorant barbarity of pre-mo…

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WikChip Image Dissolute Prince behind dignified King
Perfect 66 Points 1984

Brilliance has never been more exquisitely appreciated than in Amadeus, with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s genius obsessively observed by Antonio Salieri, his lesser rival. Profound jealousy makes for such sweet sorrow, especially as snottily delivered by F. Murray Abraham in a stupendously juicy r…

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WikChip Video Sexy Opera, Very Sexy Opera
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Dangerous Liaisons
Really Great 67 Points 1988

Five big-names starring in “the best period film”1 make Steven Frears’ Dangerous Liaisons really great. Frears, he of The Queen, employs Michelle Pfeiffer, Glen Close, a nubile Uma Thurmond and a horny John Malkovich in bringing Christopher Hampton’s …

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WikChip Image They are impressive. The cast, that is.
A Royal Affair
Really Great 83 Points 2012

A Royal Affair is truly regal, with a King, his Queen, their courtiers, grand councils and balls in castles.

  • Infidelity so grand – so right – it was ultimately forgiven by the cuckold King of Denmark.
  • History made, the Enlightenment brought to the Danes and their colony of Norway.
  • Roma…
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WikChip Image Mads Mikkelsen Moviestar
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Dark Shadows
Great 83 Points 2012

There’s lots to sink your teeth into – lots to like and chew over – in the reimagining of Dark Shadows. Camp-classic TV soap opera, it stands up to eccentric genius Tim Burton’s silver screen amplification.
Who cares that the LOLs are a bit strained.

Chortles count as laughs and *Dark Shad…

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WikChip Image Supernatural Sex: Was it good for you?
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The Last of the...
Great 66 Points 1992

The Last of the Mohicans was a benchmark in ’92. It still packs an action wallop, delivers a romantic jolt and provides a lens into the development of the American character, notwithstanding its historical liberties.

This cinematically big movie features a perfect man who engages in a perfe…

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WikChip Image Last Mohican: Russell Means' Chingach...
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Love and Death
Great 66 Points 1975

Love and Death made me a Woody Allen fan, a film so funny, so smart, a film like I’d never seen before. Being but 15 at the time, how could it be otherwise. One of Woody’s great comedies, Love and Death remains pleasantly absurd, if no longer bellylaugh funny, yet still unspools a plethora o…

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WikChip Video Sexy LOL: Woody & the Countess
The Patriot
Good 29 Points 2000

Who doesn’t like a bloody Mel Gibson fighting for a cause? Braveheart would set the stage for Mel’s sweet spot, which the Patriot definitely capitalizes on. Sure, the Brits and history buffs will decry this film for its plethora of inaccuracies and portrayal of the British forces of evil, but i…

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The Affair of t...
None Yet 0 Points 2001