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The Proposition
Perfect 13 Points 2005

One of the finest Westerns ever made, The Proposition is a bloody, haunting, beautiful, violent epic poem and the savagry of man, the harshness of nature and the country of Australia.

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Wolf Creek
Really Great 5 Points 2005

“Wolf Creek” is raw, nasty, bleak and unpleasant. As such it will undoubtedly, understandably turn away many viewers. For this horror fan, however, director Greg McLean’s visceral and disturbing debut is an extremely unsettling work of simplistic horror that refreshingly stands apart as a genre f…

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Saving Mr. Banks
Really Great 66 Points 2013

Mary Poppins has a fascinating and affecting backstory. Who knew. Yet it’s not a surprise when you think about it. Then, how much have we thought about Mary Poppins? Deeply that is. We’ve watched it, each of us, first as kids, loving it like no other movie. It’s the perfect kid’s movie afte…

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The Sapphires
Great 66 Points 2012

Sweet soul music forms the soundtrack of this infectiously enjoyable Australian musical-comedy. Telling the truthy tale of four black girls from Down Under who performed American soul music for U.S. GIs and Marines in Vietnam, The Sapphires tickles, touches and torches in equal measure.


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Kill Me Three T...
Great 83 Points 2014

Kill Me Three Times is a terrifically entertaining piece of pulp fiction. Three deadly sins – wrath, greed, lust – play out in darkly comic circumstances. Set in a sunny beach town, it’s a ripper from Down Under.

The mere seven person cast seems larger. Simon Pegg ably anchors it as a hitman…

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Very Good 66 Points 2008

Retro, romantic, and refreshingly revisionist, Baz Luhrmann’s latest stylized production hits more than it misses in its grand sweep of his native country. A great date movie for grownups, this big, big show has something for both men and women, though I can’t imagine many guys taking it in on t…

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Pacific Rim
Very Good 88 Points 2013

The matchless mind of Guillermo del Toro comes through on his biggest canvas yet. His Pacific Rim is perfectly attuned to the neural frequencies of 13 year-old males. Yield to it, be one with it, drift inside its richly envisioned adolescent outlook, and the movie is a near continuous tickle….

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Very Good 66 Points 1993

A supermodel performing super-softcore porn overshadows a semi-true story about superstar artist Norman Lindsay and his semi-libertine life in the semi-super Sirens. Notable mostly as the movie debut – and movie peak – of Covergirl Queen Elle Macpherson

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Animal Kingdom
Good 66 Points 2010

Charismatic, disorienting and brooding, Animal Kingdom presents the truthy tale of an infamous crime family, including their murder of two Melbourne cops. The brooding gets a bit much by the third reel, weighing down what would otherwise be a great true-crime movie.

The charisma comes from …

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The Rover
Good 66 Points 2014

Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Well, that’s not true. The Rover signifies a monumental Guy Pearce performance, coupled with a notable Robert Pattinson one. Nor was there lots of sound, come to think of it. Surprisingly little actually, what with Guy Pearce’s quietly laconic ave…

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