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Bringing Up Baby
Really Great 66 Points 1938

Screwball romantic-comedies don’t get much better than Bringing Up Baby, “Baby” being a leopard and its adoptive parents a never better Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn. Three quarters of a century after its premiere, Howard Hawks’ classic remains a delightfully ticklish cinematic confection.

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WikChip Image Kate & Cary as Susan & David
Witness for the...
Really Great 66 Points 1957

Starched and stilted, Witness for the Prosecution nonetheless packs one hell of a punch at the end, with glorious detail throughout and a powerhouse cast who are the complete masters of their juicy roles. Nevermind that its theatrical roots show. Agatha Christie knew how to write for max view…

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WikChip Image Wilder angle: Dietrich looks up at Power
Great 66 Points 1966

Judith features Gentile moviestars playing Jewish freedom fighters during Israel’s War of Independence. It’s amazing how glamorous a story centered on early kibbutz life at the end of the British Mandate can be.

To that end, Judith is a fabulous Sophia Loren movie. The great Loren stars a…

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Rust and Bone
Great 66 Points 2012

The good news about Rust and Bone is that it’s not about an orca trainer’s accident. It’s about her recovery. In any case, hers is only half the story, the rest being about an oafish stud with a small child in tow. What happens to father and son is tougher to take than what happens to her – …

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The Lady Eve
Great 66 Points 1941

Preston Sturges made RomComs that are funny, sexy, glamorous, clever and sophisticated. The Lady Eve proves the point. It still works three quarters of a century later, especially with the proto-modern Barbara Stanwyck as the minx in the middle of a screwball con-game extraordinaire.


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Great 119 Points 2000

Deserving of its wide acclaim, Memento nonetheless remains a bit of an aficionados’ treat. The central conceit of the story – the ‘condition’ that restricts Guy Pierce’s Leonard from forming new memories – drags on the dialogue and doesn’t allow the story to gain momentum. Still this movie is…

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Rio Bravo
Great 79 Points 1959

Terrific Western: Howard Hawks behind the camera, John Wayne in front. Also the movie in which Dean Martin proved he could act, even if he was playing his typecast role of drunkard.

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Joe Kidd
Great 66 Points 1972

The great Elmore Leonard wrote two kinds of scripts, great ones and, well, er, the great Elmore Leonard wrote one kind of script, not counting the two genres he wrote: Westerns and darkly funny crime dramas. Known more now for the latter, he was a modern master of the former, populating his hair…

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The Curious Cas...
Great 83 Points 2008

Literature hits the silver screen in this big budget movie that works as both romance and parable. More personal though less interesting than Forrest Gump, its closest cinematic relative, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button nonetheless deliv…

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Nothing Sacred
Very Good 66 Points 1937

Considered one of the great screwball comedies, Nothing Sacred is still worth viewing some eighty years after its premier for the satirical laughs it triggers, for its colorful portrayal of New York City and rural Vermont, and for its clever takedown of venal journalism as practiced by big city…

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