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The Mask Of Zorro
Perfect 3 Points 1998

I love the Mask of Zorro as it is very original and exciting with its sword fights and romantic hero confrontations with the beautiful Elena. The best swashbuckling movie. The best way to bring the western genre back to life.

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The Legend of Z...
Perfect 3 Points 2005

Legend of Zorro is definitely a good swashbuckling movie for the whole family. It has a good storyline and performance. I love the train scene and the spy scene at the house which was very interesting.

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The Proposition
Perfect 13 Points 2005

One of the finest Westerns ever made, The Proposition is a bloody, haunting, beautiful, violent epic poem and the savagry of man, the harshness of nature and the country of Australia.

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  • Wick – I have to say I'm very interested in seeing The Prop...
Perfect 66 Points 1939

What a trip – iconic images before they were cliches, John Wayne’s star-making performance, a crisply compelling story. Legendary director John Ford’s first talkie Western warrants its status as one of the most influential movies of all time. Clocking in at a mere 96 minutes, it’s also tautly e…

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WikChip Image A star is born.
The Man Who Sho...
Perfect 66 Points 1962

Greatest Western? The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence is certainly in the running, given how it plays with Wild West myth-making, features three iconic stars along with a passel of great costars and wields a humdinger of an ending. “Nothing’s too good for the man who shot Liberty Valance,” the l…

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WikChip Image Who's the man? You're the man.
Perfect 73 Points 1992

Just as Goodfellas is the ne plus ultra of mob movies, Unforgiven is the apotheosis of Westerns. In classic Western form the movie endorses the ethos of the lone righteous man doing what needs done, while at the same time baldly debunking the glorification of gunfighters in the Wild West. T…

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  • Wick – Good call, Terry. A benchmark movie.
  • TerryEinstein – One of Clint Eastwood’s best and darkest movies. W...
Butch Cassidy a...
Perfect 83 Points 1969

The Old West ended when Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hightailed it to Bolivia. Old Westerns ended when Paul Newman and Robert Redford became Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, outlaw charmers the likes of which the Silver Screen had never seen before. Four Oscars plus three additional n…

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WikChip Video Bewitching Musical Interlude
Really Great 1 Points 1995

Desperado is about a story where El Mariachi came back to town to avenge the death of his girlfriend. Some of the best gunplay ever seen in this movie. The Action is Ultra cool and entertaining.

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Blazing Saddles
Really Great 7 Points 1974

This is one seriously funny film, and still liable to shock and amuse in equal measure. The racist angle is well handled, and the spoofs, non-sequieteurs and general surrealism of “Blazing Saddles” make it as unmissable as a comedy classic should be.

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Really Great 83 Points 2012

Heard of the Bondurant School of Driving? Lawless is the Bondurant school of bootlegging, V8 Fords careening along dirt roads included. Indeed, the story of a legendary family of moonshiners from Western Virginia – the Bondurants – gets a monumental telling in this powerfully assured and ente…

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WikChip Image Guy Pearce's dandy of a villain
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  • Wick – Regarding "BrianSez's Review":http://www.viewguide.c...