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Marriage Italia...
Perfect 66 Points 1964

A pre-sexual revolution Italian trifle, Matrimonio All’Italiana packs a considerevole punch 50 years on.

Consider Sophia Loren – in her prime. Screen sirens come no hotter or more joyous.
Just 30 when Marriage Italian Style was made, she plays 17 stunningly and 37 powerfully.


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WikChip Image Sophia Loren's Filumena, fully grown
The Bicycle Thief
Really Great 71 Points 1948

Reverential movie, thy name is The Bicycle Thief. Long considered one of the greatest movies of all time, it still qualifies. Real people play the parts, none more affecting than seven year-old Enzo Staiola’s Bruno.

The kid’s now my favorite boy in all of movie history.

Bruno’s Dad hock…

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WikChip Image "They don't pay for repairs!" Love t...
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Great 66 Points 2008

A new addition to the canon of great mafia movies, Gomorra entertainingly details the mundane savagery and sociopathic activities of Italy’s oldest organized crime organization. Darkly funny, Gomorra brings to life Roberto Saviano’s hugely important book

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WikChip Image Camorra Country: Cancer @ the heart o...
Yesterday, Toda...
Great 66 Points 1963

Triple helpings of Sophia Loren & Marcello Mastroianni make Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow a triplo trattare of sexy Italian comedy. 1963’s Best Foreign Language Oscar-winner is a primo classico movie.

It’s like watching three 40-minute TV episodes performed by all-time great moviestars – a…

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WikChip Video Sophia turns Marcello into a puppy dog.
Very Good 66 Points 1963

Federico Fellini’s 8½ is self-referential in the extreme, as his fever-dream of a movie about the making of a movie parodies the self-indulgence of its maker. Nice work if you can get it.

Still, it is a classic, widely acclaimed to be amongst the greatest and most influential movies of all…

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WikChip Image Fellini & Claudia Cardinale, his idea...
Two Days, One N...
Very Good 66 Points 2014

Doleful economies are often enabled by Social Democratic governments, a reality brought to life in Two Days, One Night. Jobs are few and far between in 2014 Belgium, with a job at a government-subsidized solar-cell factory being the difference between home ownership and public housing. "The Dol…

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Miracle in Milan
None Yet 0 Points 1951
Divorce Italian...
None Yet 0 Points 1961
Strada, La
None Yet 0 Points 1954
Two Women
None Yet 0 Points 1960