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Perfect 13 Points 1977
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Evil Dead II
Perfect 2 Points 1987

This movie is great, it is a horror comedy of the best quality. There is cheese just dripping from this movie and the way they make it work within this horror spoof is just terrific.

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Maximum Overdrive
Perfect 7 Points 1986

A comet crashes toward Earth, turning all machines into homicidal killing machines, annihalating every person in site. A couple survivors holed up in a truck stop with no power are all that stands against the machines….and Emilio mothafuckin’ Estevez is packing explosives.

Add to that the gr…

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Night of the Li...
Perfect 16 Points 1968

Barbra (O’Dea) and her brother, Johnny, have just made a long trip to visit their mother in the country. Once they arrive there, we find out that their mother is dead and buried. They are visiting her grave when Barbra starts to get a bit freaked out. Johnny jokes about her fears until he soon …

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Perfect 1 Points 1982

My favorite film of all time on so many levels…
Of course every year i have a favorite movie of the year but Poltergeist has been at the top ever since i saw it in 82. From the direction (by Spielberg obviously, not Hooper) to the grippling and often touching music of Goldsmith, from the perfe…

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The Texas Chain...
Perfect 13 Points 1986

This film is completely insane and in a gloriously entertaining way. A tiny bit less scarey than the original but way more unnerving and unpredictable. Not as dumb as people say either as it continues the Vietnam allegories of the first film and the brilliantly OTT finale works as a deconstructio…

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High Tension
Perfect 5 Points 2003

An ultra-violent claustrophobic horror that confirms Alexandre Aja’s standing as one of the most provocative and talented genre filmmakers working today, “High Tension” (or “Haute Tension” in it’s native France, “Switchblade Romance” in the UK) inserts into it’s mad, frightening 91 minutes set-pi…

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Perfect 10 Points 1960

One of the most suspenseful films ever made. Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece Psycho remains to this very day the greatest horror movie I’ve ever seen. Even after watching it so many times, the edge never wears off. The infamous story tells of a woman who steals $40, 000 and ends up staying at a qu…

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Perfect 7 Points 2007

[REC] is hands down the most disturbing horror movie I’ve ever seen. Combining a realistic, ‘Blair Witch’-style basis with a distinctly fantastical idea, the film never lets up, and come the end (less than ninety minutes), you’d be well-placed to not be quivering in your chair.

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WikChip Video [REC] Trailer
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True Blood
Perfect 10 Points 2007

There’s no escaping it, I adore this little campy horror show. Vampires are butchered in the media today with Twilight, but True Blood shows what vampires are really about, while showing insane amounts of sex and violence.

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