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Perfect 66 Points 1963

What we have here is movie magic sans modern FX. Instead Charade conjures its allure from a couple of nonpareil moviestars delivering sparkling dialog in an idealized Paris while a seductive theme song plays in the background. Such an intoxicating mix makes it easy to fall in love with Cary Gr…

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WikChip Video Moviestar Magic Incarnate
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Perfect 73 Points 1942

The best movie ever is still fresh, funny, romantic and captivating after all these decades. Try it as a date movie, perfect for him and for her. After all, “we’ll always have Paris.”

Casablanca remains important because it transcendently dealt with life-and-death political challenges, nam…

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Edge of Tomorrow
Perfect 83 Points 2014

Terrifically well-conceived SciFi Fantasy is rare. Add an ageless superstar in a role ideal for his particular set of skills, opposite a beautiful screen-queen making her buffed-up action debut, in a 3D production up to the challenge of visualizing time travel and interplanetary war, and you’re …

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WikChip Image Emily & Tom howling at Comic-Con
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Thomas Jefferson
Perfect 66 Points 1997

Ken Burns’ Thomas Jefferson: Those two names linked by an apostrophe should be ample inducement for Americans to view this two-part documentary. We may not read like we once did, but absorbing history via captivating video works well for the iPad generation. Fortunately, our exceptional Ameri…

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WikChip Image Perfect Political Thinking in Poetic ...
The Red Balloon
Really Great 66 Points 1956

A boy and his pet balloon amble through vivacious Parisian streets in this perfect childhood confection. Just over half-an-hour long, Le Ballon Rouge won more awards than you can hold in two hands and deserves to be a preschool favorite for every girl and boy to this day.

Just when you thin…

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Get on Up
Really Great 66 Points 2014

Get on Up joins the pantheon of great rock biopics, memorializing James Brown as a seminal rockstar whose power, pomp and circumstances paved the way for the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Sly & the Family Stone, hip-hop and every other form of funkable & funkadelic music. Get on Up gets on…

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Mission: Imposs...
Really Great 83 Points 2015

Best. Mission: Impossible. Ever.

Please Mr. Cruise, can we have another? Rogue Nation succeeds spectacularly well from the opening credits till the closing line, the very iconification of extremely entertaining action-movie hyper-reality.

This fifth M:I movie is the first to envelope …

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WikChip Image Great Casting: CIA Chief Alec Baldwin
Wonder Woman
Really Great 83 Points 2017

Miss Israel kicks ass as Wonder Woman. But that’s not all, not by a long shot. Wonder Woman is a perfect superhero movie, deeply of the genre, yet soaring above it. That puts it in the small pantheon of DC movies, deadly earnest in the DC tradition, a la The Dark Knight

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WikChip Video That's right, the women are smarter.
Point Blank
Great 66 Points 2010

Point Blank – a thriller on rails – pauses briefly in 84 minutes of run time, but only briefly. Otherwise it propels forward, crazed yet plausible in the moment.

The big picture is insane, of course. A male nurse and his gorgeous wife revel in the impending birth of their first child, no…

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Interview with ...
Great 66 Points 1994

Looking for a real vampire movie? Baroque, bloody, bawdy, not to mention strict with the rules, Interview with the Vampire fits the bill. Indeed, Anne Rice’s celebrated novel led to a quintessential vampire movie: star powered, obsessively detailed and expansively imagined. Even mature movie…

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WikChip Video Feast Your Fangs, er... Eyes on This