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The Treasure of...
Perfect 66 Points 1948

Badges? We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, OTOH, does need to be viewed by every serious movie fan. By turns funny, challenging and intriguing, it deserves its status as one of the greatest movies of all time. Humphrey Bogart’s scurrilous Fred C. Dobbs …

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WikChip Image "What gold does to men's souls"
Sicario: Day of...
Really Great 66 Points 2018

Sicario 2 couldn’t be more timely, even if its extreme surrealism is an only-in-the-movies depiction of what’s happening today on the TexMex border. That unfenced divide, with traffickers running rampant, makes an ideal milieu for a heavily militarized action thriller. And *Sicario: Day of the …

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Great 66 Points 2006

Half anthropological study, half snuff film, Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto is fascinating and often breathtaking. Oh yeah, it’s also gratuitously violent, giving full reign to its creator’s sick taste for hand-to-hand savagery.

Mad Mel’s movie canvases a panoply of Mayan curiosities: human sacrif…

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The Burning Plain
Great 83 Points 2008

A woman on the edge propels the oh-so-smart drama in this almost too clever movie. The story turns back in on itself time and again, not fully revealing its convergence till the end. An ultimately satisfying twist does come, though not before we’re asked to hang in through lots of puzzlingly se…

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WikChip Image OK, not from the movie, but Jennifer!!
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Great 83 Points 2015

Narco-gang depravity meets its match when things go military on the Mexican border in Sicario, Spanish for “hitman”. A semi-successful Emily Blunt rebels against this turn of events. Semi-successful? Her performance, not her rebellion, which is unsuccessful. Yet the movie is much more than semi…

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Rambo: Last Blood
Great 66 Points

Has there ever been a better franchise star than Sylvester Stallone? His multi-sequel characters – Rocky, Rambo, and Barney of The Expendables – have become treasured cinematic friends over the decades. The second one has his story brought to a well-…

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The Magnificent...
Very Good 70 Points 1960

Samurai cowboys save a poor village in ye old Mexico, riding in to one of the greatest themes of all time. Fifty years on, the all-star cast impresses less than the bravura music — the Marlboro jingle still arouses.

The Magnificent Seven famously remakes Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai

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Touch of Evil
Very Good 69 Points 1958

“Do you realize I haven’t kissed you in over an hour?” says Charlton Heston to Janet Leigh at the end of Touch of Evil’s famous opening scene, three and a half minutes of directorial perfection. One long tracking shot, it features close-ups leading to long shadows, followed by long shots of cho…

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WikChip Video Touch of Genius: the legendary opening
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On The Road
Very Good 66 Points 2013

I read On The Road by 21 because it was necessary. I saw On The Road this weekend to be entertained.

Entertaining it is, though cultural legacy aside, mad words about mad living don’t make a great movie, not without great acting and a cinematic story, neither of which On The Road has….

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WikChip Image Hand Check!
We're the Millers
Very Good 66 Points 2013

One enters We’re The Millers expecting to laugh. That happens, but first a bit about the movie’s subject.

The title doesn’t lie. This is not a movie about smuggling or pot, though pot smuggling drives the plot. It’s about family, family values even. Well, anti-family-values to be accurat…

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WikChip Video Huge LOL: censored Huge Ball scene