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The Way, Way Back
Perfect 86 Points 2013

The Way, Way Back is the perfect summer movie from this Summer of `13. It opens and closes with a painfully awkward teen in the late, lamented way-way-back of a 1970 Buick Estate Station Wagon.

In between he spends a life-changing summer at the beach house of his mom’s asshole boyfriend, pl…

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WikChip Image Awkward boy meets way, way cool girl
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Mystic River
Perfect 92 Points 2003

One of a string of latter day Clint classics, Mystic River inexorably drives forward from its loss-of-innocence opening to its heartbreaking conclusion, throwing in an ironic coda for good measure. Great story, punchy dialog, crisp direction, stellar acting: perfect movie.

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WikChip Image First Novel: Perfect Movie
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The Social Network
Perfect 103 Points 2010

Old media trumps new in The Social Network, in which dirty-sexy-money fuels a splendid drama about the elitists behind Facebook’s insanely great success. Boy billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, his erstwhile Harvard cronies and business Svengali come vividly to life under the direction of sordid mast…

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WikChip Video Nerdy business, sleek & salacious? Yep.
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Black Mass
Perfect 83 Points 2015

Black Mass is the best movie of the year, the Irish-American Goodfellas and the best dramatic performance of Johnny Depp’s legendary career. Bold statements for sure, yet each can be substantiated.

  • Black Mass dethrones the other perfect movies so far in 2015: Dope
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WikChip Video Johnny Depp's Whitey Bulger reigns su...
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The Fighter
Really Great 88 Points 2010

New addition to the boxing movie canon? Absolutely, complete with elemental title, elemental story and devastating performances. A female power story as much as a male one, Melissa Leo, Christian Bale and Mark Walhberg’s maternal-fraternal triangle pegs the meter for codependency. When Amy Ada…

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WikChip Image All in the (dysfunctional) Family
Really Great 83 Points 2018

Being a Kennedy came with compulsions, including sailing, drinking, womanizing, and the presidency, those last with fatal effect. Ted Kennedy’s date with death didn’t lead to another dead Kennedy, but to the manslaughter of a loyal supporter: Mary Jo Kopechne, a name familiar to baby boomers acro…

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WikChip Video She didn't drown. She suffocated, slo...
Really Great 83 Points 2012

Comic genius, thy name is Seth MacFarlane, the writer, director and voice of Ted, a wildly ill-behaved “living” teddybear. The movie’s conceit is that a grown man’s arrested development gets enabled by this magical best buddy, who has taken on nothing but bad habits since leaving chronological…

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WikChip Image Ted cops a feel. Isn't he cute?
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Good Will Hunting
Really Great 80 Points 1997

Good Will Hunting remains worth screening every few years, especially with youngsters new to it. Indeed, Matt Damon & Ben Affleck’s breakthrough stands the test of time, left-wing affectations notwithstanding.

Superficially about townies who turn the tables on elite geeks, Damon & Affleck’s …

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WikChip Video Great Writing + Great Acting = Great ...
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Ted 2
Really Great 83 Points 2015

America’s funniest Ted-Id-Bear is back in Ted 2, pursuing his own unique form of non-traditional marriage. Buckle up. This is compulsive satire, with the biting gags coming rat-a-tat-tat. It rarely goes more than two lines without a punchline, not even counting the visual comedy, which is nearl…

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WikChip Video Jokes about taboos you didn't know ex...
Patriots Day
Really Great 83 Points 2016

Patriots Day gets up close and personal with the Boston Marathon bombing and its aftermath. By turns moving, enraging, loving and occasionally funny, it’s an unflinching look at lone wolf terrorism and how one American city fought back against Islamism in their midst. Two previously unseen aspe…

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WikChip Video The Battle of Watertown