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Animal House
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Animal House is many things: riotously funny movie, cultural touchstone, seminal hard-R teen comedy. Those make it a font of archetypes and catchphrases, including Bluto (“Seven years of college down the drain.”), Neidermeyer (“A Pledge Pin!”), Dean Wormer (“DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!”), Flounde…

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WikChip Video "He can't do that to our pledges!"
Really Great 83 Points 2012

Comic genius, thy name is Seth MacFarlane, the writer, director and voice of Ted, a wildly ill-behaved “living” teddybear. The movie’s conceit is that a grown man’s arrested development gets enabled by this magical best buddy, who has taken on nothing but bad habits since leaving chronological…

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WikChip Image Ted cops a feel. Isn't he cute?
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Ted 2
Really Great 83 Points 2015

America’s funniest Ted-Id-Bear is back in Ted 2, pursuing his own unique form of non-traditional marriage. Buckle up. This is compulsive satire, with the biting gags coming rat-a-tat-tat. It rarely goes more than two lines without a punchline, not even counting the visual comedy, which is nearl…

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Hail, Caesar!
Really Great 66 Points 2016

Seriously funny and savagely smart, Hail, Caesar! represents another triumph for the Coen Brothers and their company of retro thespians. A satire of golden age Hollywood, it uses the Studio System as a canvas to mock targets across the political spectrum. Amazingly the Lefties take the worst o…

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Jojo Rabbit
Really Great 66 Points 2019

The Hitler Youth get a satirical stake through the heart in the wonderfully wacky Jojo Rabbit. Taika Waititi – he of Thor: Ragnarok – wrote the screenplay, directs the movie and even stars as a wacky Hitler, well a Hitler as the imagi…

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WikChip Video Taika Waititi cracks wise.
Cedar Rapids
Great 83 Points 2011

Cedar Rapids keeps its ambitions in check and easily exceeds them. A gut-bustingly funny story about Ed Helms’ rural Cheesehead taking his first airplane trip to the Gotham of the title, it needn’t venture far from home to harvest a bumper crop of universally identifiable storylines.

Did I …

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WikChip Image Funny to the last credit.
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The Kings of Su...
Great 69 Points 2013

The Kings of Summer starts with a title so perfect it’s a wonder it’s never been used before. It proceeds to gently satire and lovingly fantasize about coming-of-age in small town America, just pre-facebook.

The movie gets regularly punctuated by genuinely funny lines, some LOL. Good thing…

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WikChip Image Nick Robinson's a star. Erin Moriarty...
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The Truman Show
Great 83 Points 1998

Reality TV has become ever more pervasive since The Truman Show wowed everyone in 1998. Fortunately, none have made an unwitting dupe the star of the show for the first thirty years of his life. Never mind that such a thing wouldn’t be possible, it got explored in Peter Weir’s great film of And…

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WikChip Video Retrieved from the cutting room floor
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Sky High
Great 83 Points 2005

Sharp satire, winning performances and terrific visuals make Sky High a treat for we grownups, and high schoolers too. Turns out this treat doesn’t get stale, as revisiting it a dozen years after its premiere proved.

First of all, Sky High is a Kurt Russell movie. Disney’s greatest male le…

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Galaxy Quest
Great 66 Points 1999

J. J. Abrams famously called Galaxy Quest “one of the best Star Trek movies ever made.” That from the man who so successfully rebooted the Star Trek franchise. His endorsement oversimplifies this brilliantly entertaining movie howeve…

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WikChip Video Galaxy Quest - faux show