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Singin' in the ...
Perfect 71 Points 1952

Hollywood perfection, thy name is Singin’ in the Rain.

Forget the singing, forget the dancing, see it for the sparkling comedy. It’s simply studded with LOLs.

Though many of us have seen outtakes, especially Gene Kelly’s Singing’ in the Rain number, every movie fan should see the entir…

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WikChip Video Dancing with the Stars? No, stars dan...
Standing in the...
Perfect 66 Points 2002

Motown rocks ‘cause of the Funk Brothers: snare rhythms, funky bass, tasty guitar, everything percussive, all from the band behind Smokey and Marvin and Diana and Stevie. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Let’s get it on. The movie informs us right up front that the Funk Brothers "played on …

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WikChip Video More hits than the Beatles, Stones & ...
Perfect 83 Points 2011

Makes you proud to be an American, a movie like Buck. A documentary about legendary horse trainer Buck Brannaman, the deep wisdom, transcendent techniques and honest humanity of its subject make Buck a profoundly rewarding cinematic experience, horses or no.

Brannaman deserves more fame t…

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WikChip Video Redford got his horse sense from Buck.
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The Sting
Perfect 66 Points 1973

Perfection: The opening music sets a movielover’s heart aflutter and The Sting just gets better from there. A Scott Joplin rag – brilliantly slowed down by Marvin Hamlisch – leads to Robert Redford and Paul Newman, reunited a mere four years after they first got together in "Butch Cassidy and t…

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WikChip Video Best Movie Music Ever
Star Trek Beyond
Perfect 83 Points 2016
Bestest. Star Trek. Ever.

Star Trek Beyond never loses touch with all that made Star Trek great from its earliest incarnation, yet uses 2016 movie magic to create an Enterprise and assorted 23rd century tech-gear better than ever before.

Plus it plays the iconic opening notes of the a…

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WikChip Video "At least I won't die alone..." - Bones
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What's Eating G...
Great 17 Points 1993

Retro Depp and DiCaprio in this charming film about the oddities of life and love in the podunk town of Endura. The best part about the movie was the great acting from depp and DiCaprio, not to mention a great cast of characters by Juliette Lewis, John C Reily, Mary Steenburgen, and Crispin Glov…

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The Legend of T...
Great 83 Points 2016

The Legend of Tarzan is a ton of fun, notwithstanding being leavened by some seriously nasty business. How much fun? Most everyone around me were laughing and cheering by the third reel. One girl took to throwing her arms in the air at each thrilling turn. In the end, the entire theater applaud…

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WikChip Video Dishing about Jane's sex with Tarzan
Sky High
Great 83 Points 2005

Sharp satire, winning performances and terrific visuals make Sky High a treat for we grownups, and high schoolers too. Turns out this treat doesn’t get stale, as revisiting it a dozen years after its premiere proved.

First of all, Sky High is a Kurt Russell movie. Disney’s greatest male le…

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WikChip Video It all becomes clear...
Top Gun: Maverick
Great 66 Points 2022

In Theaters Now

Tom Cruise’s Top Gun: Maverick succeeds spectacularly in four interconnected ways: as big screen blockbuster, sexy romp, thrill ride and patriotic paean. That it arrives nearly four decades after its origin movie matters not a whit. This long aborning sequel stands on its own. Hell, it builds o…

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WikChip Image We're not worthy.
Very Good 66 Points 1988

Lesser Tim Burton and greater Michael Keaton add up to a fitfully funny fantasy. Keaton nails the title role, a ghost-for-hire paid to chase off pesky humans. If only he were onscreen for more of the movie.

Burton achieved greater comic-horror results with Edward Scissorhands

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WikChip Image Somebody get this man a microphone.