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Singin' in the ...
Perfect 71 Points 1952

Hollywood perfection, thy name is Singin’ in the Rain.

Forget the singing, forget the dancing, see it for the sparkling comedy. It’s simply studded with LOLs.

Though many of us have seen outtakes, especially Gene Kelly’s Singing’ in the Rain number, every movie fan should see the entir…

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WikChip Video Dancing with the Stars? No, stars dan...
The Artist
Perfect 83 Points 2011

So that’s what everyone was talking about… charm in abundance, joyous surprises throughout, a winning pair of romantic leads and one really cute dog. Best Picture? Sure, why not. Who needs the spoken word.

Let’s rewind. Having missed The Artist during its 2011 heyday, I finally caught …

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WikChip Image Man's best friend: Uggie & the Moviestar
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The Kid Stays I...
Perfect 66 Points 2002

Delightful bio of golden producer Robert Evans, the man behind The Godfather, Chinatown, Marathon Man, Urban Cowboy, Sliver & How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days – to name some from immortal to shameless. Picked as a movie star himself, while lounging around the Beverly Hills Hotel pool no less, Ev…

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WikChip Video Tinseltown Tales Tantalizingly Well Told
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Sunset Blvd.
Perfect 66 Points 1950

Hollywood’s greatest confection is and has always been Hollywood, a reality that the fabulous imagery of Sunset Blvd. celebrates better than any movie before or since. Oh yeah, it’s also a hell of a lot of fun, a black & white cauldron of irony, ambition and beauty, full of devilish turns and …

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WikChip Video A Hyperbolic Trailer That Doesn't Ove...
Once Upon a Tim...
Perfect 66 Points 2019

Hollywood loves Hollywood, always has and still does, especially Quentin Tarantino, local boy made good. He has outdone himself with Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, which is quite simply Peak Tarantino.

It’s literally AND figuratively about Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: true crime even…

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WikChip Video Easter Eggs Revealed
Get Shorty
Really Great 66 Points 1995

Is there a more enjoyable Elmore Leonard movie or charismatic John Travolta movie than Get Shorty? So what if it’s a trifle, a light crime-comedy. It’s a movie about the love of movies, which it celebrates with sleek Hollywood panache, rich Elmore Leonard flair and charming details. In short, *…

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WikChip Video Chili Palmer gets lost in Touch of Evil
The Aviator
Really Great 83 Points 2004

Howard Hughes is a name that evokes American mythos to those of us of a certain age. He made and flew the fastest planes, made and directed the biggest movies and was the world’s richest man. Most of us forget about the movies, enormous though they were. Martin Scorsese – cinema’s number one …

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WikChip Video Love Kate lovingly looking at Howard
Hail, Caesar!
Really Great 66 Points 2016

Seriously funny and savagely smart, Hail, Caesar! represents another triumph for the Coen Brothers and their company of retro thespians. A satire of golden age Hollywood, it uses the Studio System as a canvas to mock targets across the political spectrum. Amazingly the Lefties take the worst o…

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WikChip Image Moviestar Cleans Up Well
Tropic Thunder
Great 92 Points 2008

Plenty funny, at least 60% LOL, yet as with all brutally rude modern comedies, the other 40% induces winces and groans. Still funny is funny, and this sucker brings the laughs.

Much is being made of how the movie makes fun of the retarded. But why stop there? It also makes fun of blacks, Je…

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My Favorite Year
Great 3 Points 1982

“My Favorite Year” is about a washed up movie star who guest stars on a “Your Show of Shows” type comedy show in the fifties and turns the place upside down with his drunken antics. Peter O’Toole turned what could have been a hammy performance into one of his more poignant turns and elevates the …

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