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Casino Royale
Perfect 75 Points 2006

Is there a better Bond movie? From the B&W opening’s clever incorporation of Bond shooting at the camera, to ‘Bond, James Bond’ not coming till the final line, Casino Royale visits the de rigueur touchstones in fresh, inventive ways. Daniel Craig barely cracks a smile or a smirk, yet is funny…

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Really Great 66 Points 2014

The Arab Spring comes alive in Tyrant, the most politically important TV series to come along in – well – a long time. Palace intrigue swirls around the fictional Al Fayeed family, tyrannical rulers of the fictional Arab country Abbudin. Their prodigal son returns from Los Angeles in the prem…

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WikChip Image The Sopranos have got nothing on them
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Exodus: Gods an...
Really Great 83 Points 2014

Why did Exodus – the ultimate big-screen Passover story – premiere right before the start of Hanukkah? Obtuse timing aside, Ridley Scott has wrought a magnificent Biblical epic in Gods and Kings, the best of the year, if not the millennium, and as thoughtful an action movie as you’ll ever exp…

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WikChip Image Moses our Teacher as Action Hero
The Upside
Really Great 17 Points 2017

Loved this heart-warmer of a story featuring a trio of all stars: Nicole Kidman, Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart

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Dark Shadows
Great 83 Points 2012

There’s lots to sink your teeth into – lots to like and chew over – in the reimagining of Dark Shadows. Camp-classic TV soap opera, it stands up to eccentric genius Tim Burton’s silver screen amplification.
Who cares that the LOLs are a bit strained.

Chortles count as laughs and *Dark Shad…

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WikChip Image Supernatural Sex: Was it good for you?
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Heaven Can Wait
Great 70 Points 1978

A perfect Hollywood confection, charming and LOL funny. Centered on Warren Beatty in his movie star prime, plenty believable as an all-too-good NFL quarterback.

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WikChip Image Lovely Christie
Bad Lieutenant:...
Great 66 Points 2009

It’s a good thing that bad blood and a bad title don’t trump brilliant execution of a great set-up, because otherwise Bad Lt. NOLA wouldn’t be such a wildly entertaining time at the movies. But it is. Oh man is it ever. Dark comedy gets no more grim, nor rarely as LOL funny as here. Think o…

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WikChip Image Anthropomorphic Projection of Reptili...
The Departed
Great 95 Points 2006

High quality Scorsese with a bold faced cast operating at the top of their games, this movie misses serious greatness due to the ultimate absurdity of its plot and its numerous circoreality liberties.

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Star Trek
Great 131 Points 2009
Big Fun

An old friend made new, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek deserves Gene Roddenberry’s blessing from the deep space hereafter. Cultural fountainhead for four decades now, Roddenberry’s creation bequeathed into the zeitgeist green-skinned alien hotties, “Phasers on stun,” "Beam me up Scotty,…

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WikChip Image Uh oh San Francisco
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Sherlock Holmes
Great 109 Points 2009

Rock ‘em, sock ’em Holmes: Brilliant star Robert Downey Jr. turns the mythical detective into an action hero of the first order in Guy Ritchie’s rousing movie. Though a good show, its Jonesian hyper-reality might not be to every taste, notwithstanding today’s action movie fan expecting this sort…

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WikChip Image Lord Blackwood: Noble + Evil + Villain
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