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Forrest Gump
Perfect 99 Points 1994

America. My theory is that Forrest Gump serves as personification of the early baby boomers, i.e. of the America of that era. Naive, idealistic, rambunctious, Forrest’s life functions as allegory for the cultural journey of the generation that came of age during the 60s.

Whether you buy that…

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WikChip Image Lovely Hanks
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Perfect 66 Points 2000

Deeply, floridly Italian, Malèna is a sumptuous WWII find, a Sicilian movie extraordinaire and a devastating depiction of Italian machismo reacting to the hottest signorina since Sophia Loren.

Monica Belluci plays the title character, a gorgeous war bride living in a small Sicilian town, bro…

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WikChip Image where Malèna went, the town followed
Schindler's List
Perfect 21 Points 1993

Spielberg’s incredibly impactful and cinematic re-telling of arguably the darkest period in human history won’t soon be forgotten. If you weren’t already shocked by the history of Nazism, this movie will bring it home to you with images from the Warsaw Ghetto, Auschwitz, survival and crazed blind…

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  • MJ5K – Easily the best holocaust movie. And I agree with FA...
  • Fire at Will! – It's a fantastic movie - and yes, the best Holocaust...
  • Wick – I agree that it is the Best Holocaust movie.
  • Wolfman898 – Best Movie ever made.
The Dirty Dozen
Perfect 22 Points 1967

Best cast ever. Best men on a mission war movie ever.

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Perfect 66 Points 2019

The War To End All Wars gets its closeup in 1917, titled after a year little known to we 21st century people. WWI has been largely terra incognita at the movies, even as WWII flicks are dime a dozen, a Dirty Dozen. The struggle against t…

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Inglorious Bast...
Really Great 131 Points 2009

Tremendously entertaining and TFB1, this über-ironic masterpiece proves that Tarantino remains a supremely accomplished auteur and that Brad Pitt has reached a superstar plateau occupied by few others. LOL funny, hugely charismatic and deeply thought provoking, Inglorious Basterds enters the…

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WikChip Image A new international star Waltzes in.
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  • MJ5K – BTW Wick, during Inglourious Basterds, during the ex...
  • MJ5K – Pulp Fiction is his best BY FAR!!! Basterds doesn't ...
Really Great 66 Points 2014

The Arab Spring comes alive in Tyrant, the most politically important TV series to come along in – well – a long time. Palace intrigue swirls around the fictional Al Fayeed family, tyrannical rulers of the fictional Arab country Abbudin. Their prodigal son returns from Los Angeles in the prem…

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WikChip Image The Sopranos have got nothing on them
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Really Great 83 Points 2014

The pantheon of essential WWII movies has a new entrant. David Ayer’s Fury stars Brad Pitt as an American Staff Sergeant who must lead a platoon of Sherman tanks against the Germans’ superior Panzers. Think Chevies vs. Benzes, with Brad and his battle-hardened crew in an outgunned Sherman named…

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WikChip Image Bad Brad etches another Rushmorian pe...
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The Desert Fox:...
Really Great 66 Points 1951

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel – the Desert Fox – was Nazi Germany’s national hero, their military icon. Hitler needed him, couldn’t kill him, so he had Rommel kill himself. Absolute evil, thy name is Hitler.

That and more make The Desert Fox: The Story of Rommel a touchstone World War II movi…

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WikChip Video Start with the end: Churchill on Rommel
Free State of J...
Really Great 83 Points 2016

Newton Knight is a newly essential Matthew McConaughey role that finally knights Newt Knight as a true American hero. Even more, Free State of Jones is an only-in-America story, so corny it could only be true. A deeply moral white man frees enslaved blacks and marries a black woman during the C…

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