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Silver Linings ...
Perfect 95 Points 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Best Movie of the Year, indeed the Great American Movie of 2012. Silver Linings Playbook serves up a perfect stew of current American enthusiasms, including the NFL, psychiatric meds and Dancing with the Stars. Oh yeah, it’s also an ultimate Philly movie. Wha…

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WikChip Image The brightest star in a star studded ...
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  • jasonhurwitz – Finally watched this movie, and effin' A, man. It's ...
  • Wick – Regarding "BrianSez's Review":http://www.viewguide.c...
  • BrianSez – Regarding "Wick's Review":
A Beautiful Mind
Really Great 66 Points 2001

Deeply affecting, intellectually engaging, and terrifically charismatic, A Beautiful Mind established Russell Crowe as an uncommonly talented movie star while also serving as a showcase for director Ron Howard, co-star Jennifer Connelly and everyone else involved with this Oscar-dominating prod…

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WikChip Image Beautiful Math from a Beautiful Mind
Shutter Island
Great 110 Points 2010

Mannered, overtly creepy and a bit wearying, Scorsese’s trip inside one man’s tortured mind is never less than showy-great movie making. You expected something less from the Master? Instead he gives us something more: a big twist worthy of Fight Club

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WikChip Image Mega talents Kingsley, Ruffalo & DiCa...
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  • Wick – Regarding "hurwizzle's Review":/movie_reviews/2389-s...
  • jasonhurwitz – Regarding "hurwizzle's Review":/movie_reviews/2389-s...
  • MJ5K – OMG Thank you for posting a review, Wick. I've been ...
  • Wick – That's encouraging Iz. I have to say I'd been kinda...
Robot & Frank
Very Good 66 Points 2012

Anyone who’s dealt with an elderly parent will be charmed by Robot & Frank, a gentle and deft SciFi comedy. Perhaps the best Alzheimer’s movie yet, though the A Word is never mentioned, it carries an emotional kick that leavens it in the end, elevating it to more than just a lark.

The gre…

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WikChip Image Teaching a robot to pick a lock
Side Effects
Very Good 66 Points 2013

Tangled murder mystery, 2013 psychiatric variety, thy name is Side Effects. Shrink meds have become a defining phenomena of our therapeutic age, yet brain doctors lack diagnostics beyond human observation. Still. No imaging, no blood tests but for some side-effects. Side-effects plus murder …

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WikChip Image There she is, all happy. Great acting.
Dallas Buyers Club
Very Good 86 Points 2013

Dallas Buyers Club is another triumph for Matthew McConaughey. It’s also a vivid evocation of the gritty side of Dallas circa 1985, along with the chaos that accompanied the early years of the AIDS epidemic. However, like its lead character, the movie is self-satisfied to a fault, self-rightou…

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WikChip Image She's very popular in SF, NY and LA.
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  • Wick – The rare movie I rated lower than Tripod.
  • Wick – Regarding "Tripod's Review":
Good 83 Points 2011

This movie is sick, literally. That’s not a bad thing as star-studded disaster movies go, though this one is more paranoiac than most. Fantasizing about the Mother of All Communicable Diseases does make it more than a little fascinating. Is that sick to say?

The star-studded cast proves its …

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WikChip Image Gwyneth: flirtatious and outgoing, fo...
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