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The Silence Of ...
Perfect 44 Points 1991

Silence of the Lambs set the standard for the psychological crime thriller. As Hanibal, Anthony Hopkins does ‘evil’ like nobody else, and if that wasn’t enough, Jodie Foster and her law enforcement brood need to find and deal with Hanibal’s sick protege. This movie deserved all of the Oscars that…

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In the Cut
Really Great 66 Points 2003

In the Cut deserves more than mere notoriety for a provocative title and Meg Ryan’s erotic performance, though the latter is monumental – No more RomComs for the RomCom Queen. – and vividly memorable.

Slow starting, moody, Jane Campion’s movie finally turns fully creepy 30 min in, not a mome…

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WikChip Video The movie's better than the trailer.
Black Widow
Really Great 66 Points 1987

Genre movies get no better than Black Widow, a noirish crime drama that delivers just what its title promises. A stunning woman seduces rich men to marry her, kills them, absconds with their fortunes and finds her next mark. You hardly want her caught, especially if you’re a guy and she’s not…

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WikChip Image Black Widow in Bridal Mode
Really Great 66 Points 2003

A superbly crafted film about a sympathetic sociopath, Monster deserves to be appreciated for much more than Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning performance as serial killer Aileen Wuornos. For instance, it deftly shows a seamy side of American society, the confounding and sometimes tragic forces …

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WikChip Image Fully Committed: Theron's Wuornos all In
Really Great 83 Points 2008

Polish up the acceptance speeches. Changeling deserves a passel of trophies, though Best Picture isn’t one of them. The difficult story – while expertly told – ends up a mildly exhausting slog, one not worth enduring for anyone not wanting to visualize the most elemental of maternal nightmare…

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The Iceman
Great 83 Points 2013

Pity The Iceman – the movie, not the Mafia hitman. Great mob movies are broadly treasured, even more when they’re about real guys who committed real crimes. And yet this one has flown under the radar.

Six-four, with big Polish hands, the Iceman could take anybody and often did, mostly unde…

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WikChip Video Serious Business
Motel Hell
Great 16 Points 1980

Farmer Vincent (Calhoun) owns his own farm out in the country. He butchers meat as well. This meat is thought of as the best there is. It is only administered to those who live in the area though. This is because he has a limited amount of meat. What most people don’t know though is that this m…

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The Girl with t...
Great 66 Points 2010

Hollywood must be licking its chops to remake this Swedish hit. Chockablock with career-making roles, combining fashionable anti-capitalist politics with feminist blood-lust, and striking a crisply efficient thriller tone, it suffers only from a poor title, not that that matters given how huge t…

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WikChip Video Good trailer, great movie.
Masters of Horr...
Great 5 Points 2005

In 2005, showtime aired an original broadcast of 1 hour short films playing to an anthology theme entitled “masters of horror”. The idea feels nearly foolproof: get 13 of the most famous (infamous?) Horror directors from the past few decades, give them a script and a couple million dollars apiece…

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Cry Wolf
Great 10 Points 2005

Cry_Wolf is an incredibly underrated thriller that more people should see. Basically, it’s about a group of college kids who create a fake serial killer by the name of “The Wolf”. They tell everyone he’s on campus, and naturally, everyone is startled. But what starts out as a harmless joke, turns…

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WikChip Image The much creepier poster.
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