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Black Mass
Perfect 83 Points 2015

Black Mass is the best movie of the year, the Irish-American Goodfellas and the best dramatic performance of Johnny Depp’s legendary career. Bold statements for sure, yet each can be substantiated.

  • Black Mass dethrones the other perfect movies so far in 2015: Dope
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Perfect 114 Points 1990

Is there a better crime movie? Other classics such as Godfather 2 equal Goodfellas, but none top it. If you like the genre and are not easily dismayed, this is the ne plus ultra.

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The Godfather: ...
Perfect 13 Points 1974

This or the original is my favourite of all time. I cried at the end.

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Some Like It Hot
Perfect 66 Points 1959

Some Like It Hot kicked off the Sixties with a bang. Released in ‘59, it was nominated for six Oscars at the 1960 Academy Awards, winning only for Orry-Kelly’s dresses for Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and most especially Marilyn Monroe. Speaking of Monroe, she won the 1960 Golden Globe for Best A…

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In Order of Dis...
Perfect 66 Points 2014

Most everyone gets murdered in this crackerjack Scandinavian noir, making In Order of Disappearance – a long yet telling title for the most assured film of the year – serious as a headshot, yet often funny as hell.

The dominos start falling after an innocent guy gets mistakenly knocked-off b…

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Miller's Crossing
Really Great 79 Points 1990

This highly stylized production by the Brothers Coen has great fun with the cinematic staples of old time gangster movies. Certainly one of the best movies the Brothers C have made, Miller’s Crossing features scene stealing performances by Jon Polito and others.

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American Gangster
Really Great 123 Points 2007

Denzel and Crowe at the top of their games, combined with a compelling (if familiar), interesting and assured story make this an almost perfect gangster movie, just shy of the Godfathers and Goodfellas….

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Get Shorty
Really Great 66 Points 1995

Is there a more enjoyable Elmore Leonard movie or charismatic John Travolta movie than Get Shorty? So what if it’s a trifle, a light crime-comedy. It’s a movie about the love of movies, which it celebrates with sleek Hollywood panache, rich Elmore Leonard flair and charming details. In short, *…

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All the Money i...
Really Great 66 Points 2017

All the Money in the World slays as a kidnapping thriller and as a biopic of the legendary J. Paul Getty, once the world’s richest man. The thriller jumps off to a startling beginning, takes a series of surprising turns, and remains thrilling right up to the well-known ending. That’s a solid sh…

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Enter The Dragon
Really Great 68 Points 1973

Now this is a movie if ever there was one, a Saturday night movie for the ages. Enter The Dragon is grand entertainment and so much more. It elevated Bruce Lee to an iconic status reached by only the most rarified moviestars, in part because he mysteriously died right before its premiere. Happi…

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