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Shine a Light
Perfect 83 Points 2008

Part cultural artifact, part rock-n-roll circus, Scorsese’s film elegantly captures the ageless wonder of the Rolling Stones. Pop sensations for half a century now, Mick, Keith and their mates still possess the power to make young girls wild with desire, one of many truths revealed by the movie’s…

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Get Him to the ...
Perfect 89 Points 2010

Hugely funny, surprisingly dramatic, trenchantly trendy: Get Him to the Greek upholds the purple perfection of Forgetting Sarah Marshall, its prequel. Easily the best rockstar movie ever, it’s funnier and has better music than Spinal Tap

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Let's Spend the...
Perfect 66 Points 1983

The world’s greatest rock & roll band – at the peak of their powers – glimmers brightly in Hal Ashby’s awkwardly titled movie documenting their massive 1981 stadium tour. Promoting a just released Tattoo You, the 25 song set draws six tracks from that kickass album, along with three from the u…

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Not Fade Away
Perfect 66 Points 2012

David Chase & Little Stevie should’ve released Not Fade Away here in January, instead of at the October film festivals. It coulda been the first great movie of 2013. Instead it’s yet another great movie from 2012.

OK, that ain’t chopped liver. Still, it coulda set the pace for the New Yea…

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A Hard Day's Night
Perfect 68 Points 1964

The pop art perfection of A Hard Day’s Night captures the greatest band ever in their greatest movie. They’d make other movies and more transcendent music, but Richard Lester’s revolutionary film first revealed the Beatles to be as smart as they were sexy. And they were super sexy. Mockumenta…

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The Last Waltz
Perfect 66 Points 1978

Turn it up! I’d done just that right before an opening title card instructed “This film should be played loud!” You don’t say. Clapton, Van Morrison, Dylan, Muddy Waters, Neil Young, the Band: Of course turn it up.

The Last Waltz has been lauded as a landmark concert film since it appeared i…

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That Thing You Do
Perfect 3 Points 1996

A film directed, written, and starred in by Tom Hanks can’t be bad right? This feel good film with a catchy sound track from 1996 starred Hanks with little known actors Liv Tyler, Ethan Embry, Tom Everett Scott, Giovanni Ribisi and Charlize Theron as a bunch of small town kids in the 60’s. Follo…

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Sing Street
Perfect 83 Points 2016

Sing Street is a perfect rock-n-roll movie, set around a band who defies authority, gets popular and wins The Girl. She’s played by Lucy Boynton, who makes an indelible first impression – ruby lips half-parted, cigarette hanging out one side. She turns out to have a tough situation herself, add…

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The Beatles: Ei...
Perfect 66 Points 2016

Beatlemania boggles because of the Beatles and the mania around them, especially from ‘62 to ’66 when they exploded on the world and toured to rabid crowds of hormonal girls. Ron Howard’s fun and insightful doc about those halcyon days doesn’t stint on John, Paul, George & Ringo, or the mania…

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The School of Rock
Really Great 66 Points 2003

Cute kids turn into real rockers under Jack Black’s masterful tutelage in this classic movie about classic rock. Still funny the third time through, School of Rock charms, tickles and – most importantly – rocks.

In the classic words of The School of Rock’s nutty professor – "It’s a toast to…

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