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The Lion King
Perfect 9 Points 1994

Yeah, remember when Disney made good movies? Remember when they were in it for the art and not for the money? Remember when they used classic 2D animation? When you look at classics like The Lion King, you can’t help but say “talk about they don’t make em like they used to.” The Lion King is a pr…

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WikChip Video Beautiful Song
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The Chronicles ...
Perfect 1 Points 2005
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The Last Lions
Really Great 66 Points 2011

Perhaps the most incredible nature documentary ever, The Last Lions features individualized lions and buffaloes engaged in an intricate plot worthy of scripted drama. It also provides unprecedented intimacy with the King of Beasts, making it breathtaking entertainment and potent political motiv…

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WikChip Video Chills from this awesome documentary.
Bringing Up Baby
Really Great 66 Points 1938

Screwball romantic-comedies don’t get much better than Bringing Up Baby, “Baby” being a leopard and its adoptive parents a never better Cary Grant & Katherine Hepburn. Three quarters of a century after its premiere, Howard Hawks’ classic remains a delightfully ticklish cinematic confection.

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WikChip Image Kate & Cary as Susan & David
Really Great 66 Points 2016

Zootopia is Pixar quality, meaning kids are optional, though there are no better movies to take kids to see. I chose a late show because late shows have the fewest kids, fewest but not none. Nowadays there’s always some parental units crazy enough to take their kids to a 10:40PM show. Those kid…

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WikChip Video Pure Pop 4 Zootopia: Shakira as Gazelle
Great 83 Points 2016

Kedi is a movie for cat lovers, perhaps the first movie for cat lovers. This documentary about stray cats is often shot from a cat’s eye view. But more than that, Kedi is deeply in tune with feline characteristics.

Cat lovers know the signs: the gracefulness, the hauteur, the affection, th…

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WikChip Video Cat Fight!
Great 66 Points 2005

Wonderful movie about a boy and his cheetah. Heartfelt, sufficiently realistic and not sappy. Bravo.

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Tibet: Cry of t...
Great 1 Points 2002

Very interesting movie about the story of the buddhist monks of Tibet. Excellent music, excellent cinematography, good narration. Highly recommend for those interested in Buddhism or World Affairs.

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Life of Pi
Very Good 83 Points 2012

Portraying religious faith amidst tragic hardship is a lot of weight for a mainstream movie to carry. Fortunately Life of Pi features visual wonders and frequent grace notes to lighten the load, resulting in an exhausting if moving cinematic experience.

The movie is taken from the celebrate…

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WikChip Image Boy, Tiger, Whale: Wondrous
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National Geogra...
Very Good 66 Points 1997

The forests of Eastern Siberia look like the woods of North America. And yet they are radically different, being the home of wild Siberian tigers, the biggest of big cats. This brief NatGeo documentary gets up close and personal with these magnificent creatures, an awe inspiring experience for …

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