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Perfect 66 Points 1984

Brilliance has never been more exquisitely appreciated than in Amadeus, with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s genius obsessively observed by Antonio Salieri, his lesser rival. Profound jealousy makes for such sweet sorrow, especially as snottily delivered by F. Murray Abraham in a stupendously juicy r…

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WikChip Video Sexy Opera, Very Sexy Opera
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Perfect 66 Points 2000

Deeply, floridly Italian, Malèna is a sumptuous WWII find, a Sicilian movie extraordinaire and a devastating depiction of Italian machismo reacting to the hottest signorina since Sophia Loren.

Monica Belluci plays the title character, a gorgeous war bride living in a small Sicilian town, bro…

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WikChip Image where Malèna went, the town followed
A Simple Plan
Perfect 66 Points 1998

The slippery slope of crime reached a peak cinematic representation in A Simple Plan. An ill-gotten gain sets the plot in motion, after which the movie follows an exquisite slide into further felonious excitations. This scratches several erogenous zones for lovers of crime cinema. We so enjoy v…

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WikChip Image It's been a no good, very bad day.
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Perfect 83 Points 2013

Her is set in Los Angeles by way of Shanghai – palm trees, beaches and lots and lots of super tall towers. People barely engage with other people. They engage with cybots: robotic cyber-beings purringly delivered.

Scarlett Johansen turns in the sexiest performance of her career as Samantha…

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WikChip Image Sexiest Blind Date Ever
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Little Children
Really Great 83 Points 2006

Post-feminist Bovary: Closely observed, brilliantly crafted tale of suburban angst, full of knowing looks, requited lust, and post-modern self-awareness.

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WikChip Video Crisply Constructed Trailer
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Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Really Great 83 Points 2005

Moviestar movies get no better than this one. Super hot, totally cold and dead-bang funny, this huge hit could have been overwhelmed by the fusion of its soon-to-be-coupled stars. Instead Brangelina’s debut perfectly serves the power-couple satire, even more so in hindsight given how their real…

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WikChip Image Moviestar Chemistry Incarnate
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A Beautiful Mind
Really Great 66 Points 2001

Deeply affecting, intellectually engaging, and terrifically charismatic, A Beautiful Mind established Russell Crowe as an uncommonly talented movie star while also serving as a showcase for director Ron Howard, co-star Jennifer Connelly and everyone else involved with this Oscar-dominating prod…

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WikChip Image Beautiful Math from a Beautiful Mind
Intolerable Cru...
Really Great 83 Points 2003

I’d turned up my nose at the Coen Brothers’ Intolerable Cruelty: too brightly lit, too obvious, too fake. Bad call on my part back in the day — Intolerable Cruelty is a really great movie.

Too fake it’s not. Instead it’s wonderfully glib. Gorgeous too.

Gorgeous George Clooney paired…

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WikChip Video Are you nuts? Have you forgotten Kirs...
Witness for the...
Really Great 66 Points 1957

Starched and stilted, Witness for the Prosecution nonetheless packs one hell of a punch at the end, with glorious detail throughout and a powerhouse cast who are the complete masters of their juicy roles. Nevermind that its theatrical roots show. Agatha Christie knew how to write for max view…

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WikChip Image Wilder angle: Dietrich looks up at Power
Black Widow
Really Great 66 Points 1987

Genre movies get no better than Black Widow, a noirish crime drama that delivers just what its title promises. A stunning woman seduces rich men to marry her, kills them, absconds with their fortunes and finds her next mark. You hardly want her caught, especially if you’re a guy and she’s not…

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WikChip Image Black Widow in Bridal Mode