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Perfect 66 Points 1939

What a trip – iconic images before they were cliches, John Wayne’s star-making performance, a crisply compelling story. Legendary director John Ford’s first talkie Western warrants its status as one of the most influential movies of all time. Clocking in at a mere 96 minutes, it’s also tautly e…

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WikChip Image A star is born.
Sullivan's Travels
Perfect 69 Points 1941

When everybody rates a movie as Five Star, calling it one of the greatest ever made, the stakes are high. Expectations of perfection prevail. Expectations, meet Sullivan’s Travels, a perfect Golden Age movie.

Sullivan’s Travels is a movie about the movies, about comedies mostly, from which a…

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WikChip Image Lake's legs in Head's costumes
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Some Like It Hot
Perfect 66 Points 1959

Some Like It Hot kicked off the Sixties with a bang. Released in ‘59, it was nominated for six Oscars at the 1960 Academy Awards, winning only for Orry-Kelly’s dresses for Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and most especially Marilyn Monroe. Speaking of Monroe, she won the 1960 Golden Globe for Best A…

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WikChip Video Curtis does Grant, Monroe does Monroe
Easy Rider
Great 5 Points 1969

Felt like the times. Great soundtrack. Sparse plot. Great acting – I think.

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Harry and Tonto
Great 66 Points 1974

Art Carney reached late career nirvana as Harry the cat lover in Harry and Tonto. Tonto? His ginger tabby. I prefer gray tabbies, so kinda understand his ardor. Carney won his sole Oscar as a gray-haired Best Actor.

Paul Mazursky’s second big directorial hit after “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice”…

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WikChip Video Art Carney peaks as Harry the cat lover.
Great 83 Points 1979

Quadrophenia stands on its own from Quadrophenia, the Who’s great rock opera from whence it sprang. For starters, the movie’s considerable spoken dialog means it’s not an opera. And while many of the album’s songs are used, not all are and they’re augmented by a few created for the movie.

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WikChip Image Riding up in front of a hundred faces...
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Natural Born Ki...
Good 36 Points 1994

A macabre tale of a twisted couple (Woody Narrelson and Juliette Lewis) who road-trip along route 666 (yeah, that’s right – route 666) on a killing spree that serves as the backdrop for director Oliver Stone’s almost psychedelic filming style. This is a cult movie to be sure – but unlike othe…

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OK 83 Points 1996

Not Money, “Money” being Swingers’ buzzword for winning. Granted the movie stood out in the mid-90s for its over-the-top retro sensibilities and for introducing Vince Vaughn’s charming jerk act to a wide audience. Those attributes and an achingly lovely Heather Graham are all that recommend i…

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Out of Sight
Really Great 66 Points 1998
Out of Sight and into the pantheon of crime-comedies – start with Stephen Soderburgh directing George Clooney in an Elmore Leonard story. Speaking of gorgeous, J-Lo gets into the trunk with G-Cloo.

Other positives: Bright bluesy opening; Danny DeVito’s Jersey Films producing; Clooney, youn…

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WikChip Image Trunk Spooning: Meet Cute Classic
Standing in the...
Perfect 66 Points 2002

Motown rocks ‘cause of the Funk Brothers: snare rhythms, funky bass, tasty guitar, everything percussive, all from the band behind Smokey and Marvin and Diana and Stevie. Need I say more? Didn’t think so.

Let’s get it on. The movie informs us right up front that the Funk Brothers "played on …

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WikChip Video More hits than the Beatles, Stones & ...