Natural Born Killers

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By Trust Created Summary Acting Film Edge Reality
TRUST WEIGHTED Good Great Good Horrid Surreal
AVERAGE Good Great Good Horrid Surreal
OK 2.5

A macabre tale of a twisted couple (Woody Narrelson and Juliette Lewis) who road-trip along route 666 (yeah, that’s r…

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Very Good 3.5

All in all, it was a great casting – but the excellent troupe couldn’t save the overly confusing film….

Woody Ha…

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Barely OK 2.0

What was Oliver thinking? He tries too hard in NBK. If he backed off a bit and made the film a little more realistic, …

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Horrid 4.3
Surreal 2.9
Really Great 4.5

While I'm not a fan of violent movies, this '94 Tarantino flick certainly made me forget my dislike of violent films.

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Perfect 5.0

There were a few times throughout the movie when I thought, "Wow, cheesy acting;" however, thinking back over the movie…

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Perfect 5.0
Horrid 4.3

Keep the kids FAR away from this film. Keep the troubled teens even further from it.

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Glib 1.5

For my own sanity, I have to believe that there aren't many people out there who think like this movie's main character…

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OK 2.5

Bizarre, acerbic to the extreme and highly overhyped, Natural Born Killers is like a Bonnie and Clyde for the '90s – qu…

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Good 3.0

Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play the two killers with a semblance of insanity, both appearing to be the kind of …

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Barely OK 2.0

Oliver Stone tries to upset the establishment again, and did with this movie. It's a shame that more people didn't rec…

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Horrid 3.7

The film is violent, no doubt about that. But the strange, scattershot way in which Stone shoots it does take away muc…

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Surreal 2.6

Killers running amok across America? That's entirely realistic. What isn't is their escape from prison, Downey Jr.'s s…

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