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American Graffiti
None Yet Points 1973
The Breakfast Club
None Yet 0 Points 1985

A great movie to watch with a group of friends!

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Dick Tracy
None Yet Points 1990
None Yet 0 Points 1984
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Ghostbusters II
None Yet 0 Points 1989

This movie is a classic in its own right. Raymond Stantz, Egon Spengler, Winston Zeddemore, & Peter Venkman rule!

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Police Academy
None Yet Points 1984
Revenge of the ...
None Yet Points 1984
Rookie of the Year
None Yet 0 Points 1993
Big Bully
None Yet Points 1996
Napoleon Dynamite
Awful 4 Points 2004

i’ll probably get linched for saying this but it dont get it! everyone was telling me i had to see this and i’ve sat through it twice now and never even threatened to smile or even laugh. The dancing sequence is quality but not enough to make up for 90 minutes of not ‘off-beat’ but ‘no-beat’ ’com…

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