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Think Like a Ma...
None Yet 0 Points 2014
Paul Blart: Mal...
None Yet 0 Points 2015
The Incredible ...
Barely OK 66 Points 2013

Magic is making the incredible seem real, per The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. Comedy magic is making the recognizable irresistibly funny, per me. Alas, this movie lacks comedy magic.

One wry smile, but no LOLs and no guffaws get triggered by its strenuous jokes. Pity too, because the cas…

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WikChip Image Try screwing this up. They did.
OK 83 Points 1996

Not Money, “Money” being Swingers’ buzzword for winning. Granted the movie stood out in the mid-90s for its over-the-top retro sensibilities and for introducing Vince Vaughn’s charming jerk act to a wide audience. Those attributes and an achingly lovely Heather Graham are all that recommend i…

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Beyond the Sea
Good 83 Points 2004

The Peter Principle personified: Kevin Spacey reached his level of incompetence by writing, directing and starring in Beyond the Sea, a surreal biopic of Bobby Darin. The starring part was mostly fine.

The writing and directing parts, not so much.

Darin’s terrific songs make the movie an…

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WikChip Image Kate Bosworth models Sandra Dee
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Smokin' Aces
Good 90 Points 2006

When it comes to grading Smokin’ Aces, I’m splitting the difference between Spaceghost’s Really Great and BrianSez’s Barely OK. My Good reflects the movie’s stellar cast and glimmering Vegas visuals. That said, it ain’t good in any moral sense. In fact it’s a sociopathic cesspool that not on…

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WikChip Image FBI partners Ryan Reynolds & Ray Liotta
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What Happens in...
Good 88 Points 2008

All the LOL moments are in the trailers. Still, Ashton and Cameron are likable, hot, self-deprecatingly funny, and have more than a smidgen of chemistry together, so the movie is a bit better than OK.

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Lost in America
Good 66 Points 1985

Lost in America’s reputation exceeds its reality. Modestly funny in 1985, its four memorable scenes live on in the mind’s eye, but fail to sustain this mere 91 minute movie. Turns out its nest-egg wasn’t enough.

Not that it doesn’t have a great line here and there.

Don’t use “nest”! D…

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WikChip Video "Oh I know, you mean the $100,000 box."
Hands of Stone
Good 66 Points 2016

Hands of Stone is a ham-fisted biopic of boxing great Roberto Durán. Raging Bull it’s not, notwithstanding Robert De Niro in a major role. That said, it does provide clear insight into Durán’s impoverished childhood, rise to prominence and fall from grace after his “No Mas” capitulation to Suga…

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WikChip Image Ana de Armas has star quality.
Lay the Favorite
Very Good 66 Points 2012

True stories bear a burden when they get turned into movies. Stay true to the story and the movie will be less than spectacular. Punch it up and get accused of selling out.

Lay the Favorite falls prey to the former as it recounts a real young woman’s underground education. The indomitable…

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WikChip Image Formidable Wife: Catherine's Tulip