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A Beautiful Da...
None Yet 0 Points 2019
$5 a Day
Good 83 Points 2008

A smalltime con artist reconnects with his reluctant son as they scam their way cross-country in $5 a Day. The whole thing has an understated lunacy to it that evokes a bygone era.
Indeed, it feels like an old-time movie set in the Rap Era.

$5 a Day has three main assets: classic Christo…

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WikChip Image Ageless Stone: charisma & sex appeal
Really Great 17 Points 2015

This extremely well written and intense movie highlights the tension in pre-Bloody Sunday 1971 Northern Ireland by plopping an abandoned young and scared British soldier in the streets of Belfast. The Hatred of the townies for anything British was thick as a den of thieves and danger was around…

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(500) Days of S...
Very Good 95 Points 2009

This spurned love story succeeds by being insistently charming and more than occasionally funny. Cleverly conceived, crisply executed and charismatically performed, (500) Days of Summer is a small joy of a movie. Plus you’ve got to love the terrific dance number that brightens up the middle ree…

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WikChip Image She's gonna break his heart.
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10 Cloverfield ...
None Yet 0 Points 2016
12 Angry Men
Good 66 Points 1957

12 Angry Men has lost its punch, coming across today as more tortured and melodramatic than taut and credible. Still, it’s a classic, enduring as a case study of group dynamics more than as a compelling drama.

The well-known story follows a jury into and through their deliberations on a murd…

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WikChip Image 12 Great Actors
12 Strong
Great 83 Points 2018

12 Strong is no run-of-the-mill war movie, to be valued on its moral complexity and clever comebacks. No, 12 Strong is morally simple and often wooden, making it rather unfashionable in our morally confused era. Of course, we also live in the Islamist Era, sharing God’s Earth with a medieval …

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WikChip Video Cool details about the real Horse Sol...
12 Years a Slave
Perfect 83 Points 2013

Solomon Northup has just become an iconic American hero, some fifteen and a half decades after he lived. Americans from this day forth will know his name like they know Patrick Henry’s or Harriet Tubman’s.

That’s not all. The mov…

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WikChip Image Steve McQueen directs Chiwetel Ejiofor
13 Hours: The S...
Great 83 Points 2016

The 2012 Islamist militia attack on the two U.S. outposts in Benghazi Libya comes alive as a colossal and utterly predictable central-government failure in 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Truth!

The amazing thing is that only four men died, even if one was Ambassador Chris Stevens…

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WikChip Video Gold Star Parents react to 13 Hours
1492: Conquest ...
OK 17 Points 1992

Ridley Scott’s big budget film about the famous Christopher Columbus was entertaining, but not as gripping as you’d expect from the 40M investment. The scenes, costumes, etc. were all very well done – but the movie suffers from being overly dramatic and one grows weary after an hour or so. Also…

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