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20 Feet from St...
Very Good 83 Points 2013

“Gimme shelter or I’m gonna fade away.” Some of the stars of this rocking documentary got their shelter from Jagger, the superstar who sang Gimme Shelter and from countless other single-namers. Not gonna fade away now, not with 20 Feet from Stardom sporting Mick, Bruce, Stevie, Sting, Bett…

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WikChip Video Darlene does Baby Please Come Home
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48 Hrs.
Great 66 Points 1982

Big time action-comedies kind of got started with Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy in 48 Hrs. Big stars, big action, big laughs – big time. Walter Hill was an action guy, a Western action guy. Directing megahunk Nolte, with a never funnier Murphy, set in San Francisco, his big hit paved the way f…

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WikChip Video "New Sheriff in Town" Reggie Hammond
A Beautiful Mind
Really Great 66 Points 2001

Deeply affecting, intellectually engaging, and terrifically charismatic, A Beautiful Mind established Russell Crowe as an uncommonly talented movie star while also serving as a showcase for director Ron Howard, co-star Jennifer Connelly and everyone else involved with this Oscar-dominating prod…

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WikChip Image Beautiful Math from a Beautiful Mind
A Futile and St...
Very Good 66 Points 2018

Consider A Futile and Stupid Gesture the theatrical companion to Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead: The Story of the National Lampoon. Will Forte plays comedy genius Doug Kenney in Futile and Stupid Gesture, whereas archival footage of the lunatic rea…

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WikChip Video Director & cast discuss the film.
Very Good 17 Points 2015

Engaging and true against-all-odds tale about 4 men who survived on the capsized trimaran Rose-Noelle for 119 days in 1989. As it was at the time, it was hard to believe, but truth is stranger than fiction; or so they say. Dynamite job by the cast conveying what it must have been like to float a…

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Really Great 93 Points 2009

Terrific coming of age romantic-comedy, mildly raunchy and plenty knowing. Not tremendously LOL though studded with laughs, many from killer funny throwaway lines. Plus it’s a well crafted, well developed story about a set of characters who become more interesting as the movie progresses.


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American Gigolo
Great 66 Points 1980

American Gigolo kickstarted the Eighties. It made the Seventies suddenly – instantly – yesterday. Unkempt & brassy gave way to sleek & sophisticated, disco to New Wave. How? Gere wearing Armani, driving a Mercedes, listening to Blondie in Schrader’s glimmering California masterpiece, that’s…

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WikChip Video The Call Me intro defined the Eighties
American Made
Very Good 83 Points 2017

The wages of sin are very good for Tom Cruise for a very long time in American Made, a fanciful recounting of one smuggler’s blues during the 1980s cocaine explosion. It’s a very satisfying movie, with a modicum of truth, a surfeit of crazed sexiness, and a satisfactory ending when the wages of…

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WikChip Video Great trailer lies from the start.
An American Wer...
None Yet 0 Points 1981
Anchorman 2: Th...
Good 66 Points 2013

The Legend Continues and so do the laughs. Unfortunately so do the gaffes, which way outnumber the LOLs, driving the gaffe-to-laugh ratio well above 1. That’s far from great, even if some of the bits are truly great. Yes, you’ll laugh YAO early & often enough, so one can say The Legend C…

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WikChip Video Good, Bad & Ugly: Carell, Ferrell, Team