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The Secret Life...
OK 17 Points 2016

Animated , cute, apparently a family favorite according to other ratings sites, but I thought it was Meh – mostly because they violated the golden rule of kids movies – including some subtle humor for the parents.

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Bad Teacher
Bad 17 Points 2011

Bad Teacher = Bad Movie. Cameron Diaz stars as a gold-digging superficial teacher who does whatever it takes to obtain coin for a boob job. The movie is over-acted with an unnecessary white trash style and prick-ish role for Cameron and unfunny attempts at humor. Skip it.

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Death at a Funeral
Pretty Awful 69 Points 2010

The trailer was funny. It was. Problem is, the trailer delivered the movie’s one big joke, which itself isn’t even funny in the drawnout context of this stinker.

The movie itself isn’t funny, isn’t cute, isn’t sexy. Death at a funeral? More like death at the movies.

The producers’ M.O. …

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The Sopranos
None Yet 0 Points 1999