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Good 97 Points 2007

Pixar fan though I am, this latest installment was a disappointment. While the story picked up steam towards the end, the movie delivered no laugh-out-loud moments and little insight into the human condition illustrated by the fantastical characters, the hallmarks of great Pixar movies.

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  • MJ5K – Well trust me, its worse than Ratatoulle.
  • Wick – Regarding "Wick's Review":/movie_reviews/728-ratatou...
  • MJ5K – Man, Wik, you were disapointed? This was one of my f...
Good 29 Points 2008

Cute Pixar movie. You definitely found yourself identifying with the Wall-E as a human like character, and the adventure with the female bot Eve on a quest to return humans to the planet was a fairly engaging story. Amazing animation and decent action, but my daughter and I found ourselves bored…

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Good 66 Points 2006

Least of the Pixar canon.

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