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Beauty and the ...
None Yet 0 Points 2017
Finding Nemo
None Yet 0 Points 2003
Fantastic Beast...
None Yet 0 Points 2021
None Yet 0 Points 2019
Pretty Bad 66 Points 2015

Minions aren’t just evil, they’re bad, or at least their movie is bad. It’s a children’s movie and I’m an adult, sure. But other kiddie pix work for parents as well as kids, and not just those from Pixar.

Part of the problem is that the villain is more ridiculous than scary and isn’t funny a…

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Spider-Man 3
Barely OK 70 Points 2007

A tangled web of storylines, inexplicable contrivances and desultory performances mark Spider-Man 3 as the end of the line for the original Spider-Man team. Thus it’s no surprise that the next Spidey movie will feature a new director and new actors.

As for this installment, it’s barely OK f…

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WikChip Image Weak supporting cast weakens Spidey3
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  • Wick – I'm with you MJ. Odd and unpromising choice of dire...
  • MJ5K – Regarding "Wick's Review":/movie_reviews/2231-spider...
Finding Dory
Barely OK 66 Points 2016

Pixar ain’t what they used to be, their once pristine profile sullied by second-rate fare and poor box office. Finding Dory was supposedly a rare victory for them, derivative sequel though it was. Turns out it’s also second-rate, especially compared to Finding Nemo

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The Other Side ...
OK 66 Points 2001

A Mormon missionary’s time in Tonga makes for an entertaining family movie, if you can leave the proselytizing aside. The Other Side of Heaven is also an appealing period piece, first in the 1950s United States, but mostly in the South Pacific Islands of that era.

Based on the biography of …

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WikChip Image Before she was a star: Anne Hathaway
Journey to the ...
OK 74 Points 2008

Entirely serviceable entertainment for young boys, and those in touch with their inner boy.

Note that I saw it as an airplane movie, so it was most assuredly not the 3D version. I bet it’d be a hoot and a half in 3D. But why stop there? The movie was clearly designed with a future theme p…

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The Secret Life...
OK 17 Points 2016

Animated , cute, apparently a family favorite according to other ratings sites, but I thought it was Meh – mostly because they violated the golden rule of kids movies – including some subtle humor for the parents.

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