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Fantastic Beast...
OK 66 Points 2018

The Crimes of Grindelwald is also The Parade of Obscurities, so convoluted are its developments over 2¼ hours. Unlike other J.K. Rowling movies, which have generally been discernible despite their depth, Fantastic Beasts 2 makes even the convoluted Avengers: Age of Ultron

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Finding Dory
Barely OK 66 Points 2016

Pixar ain’t what they used to be, their once pristine profile sullied by second-rate fare and poor box office. Finding Dory was supposedly a rare victory for them, derivative sequel though it was. Turns out it’s also second-rate, especially compared to Finding Nemo

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Finding Nemo
None Yet 0 Points 2003
Finding Neverland
Very Good 66 Points 2004

The man who wrote Peter Pan meets the brothers who inspired the story in Finding Neverland. He also meets their mother, played by the fetching Kate Winslet. Julie Christie plays her mother and Radha Mitchell plays his wife, as terrific a trio of top actresses as you’re likely to find.


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WikChip Image Boy Who Never Grew Up
Good 66 Points 2015

Even as an adult who hasn’t read any of R.L. Stine’s fantastically popular Goosebumps horror novels for children, Goosebumps the movie made for an engaging and satisfying airplane entertainment experience. One can only imagine how much better it was received by the millions of kids who treasu…

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WikChip Image Jack Black as R.L. Stine with R.L. Stine
How to Train Yo...
None Yet 0 Points 2014
Great 93 Points 2011

Martin Scorsese does a kid’s movie, delivering a film history lesson wrapped in a Parisian postcard. Glorious visuals, affecting performances and deft filmmaking flourishes make it a treat for kids of all ages.

The fable of Hugo Cabret imagines an orphan boy who lives in the walls of a stor…

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WikChip Image Hey, who's that photographer?
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Incredibles 2
Really Great 66 Points 2018

Incredibles 2 is tremendously entertaining for young and old alike, albeit not incredibly entertaining. Coming after a decade in which superhero movies have ruled the multiplexes, it so gets Supers, as those id-like people are called in the movie, just as it so gets real people: moms, dads, kid…

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WikChip Video Edna Mode, moviestar
Inside Out
Great 83 Points 2015

Inside Out is an intellectual high-wire act that’s cute, affecting and funny, a degree of blockbuster difficulty only Pixar would attempt. Yet the Emeryville hit factory succeeds magnificently, as they almost always do.

Pixar legend Pete Doctor & stalwart Ronnie del Carmen turn cognitive the…

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WikChip Video 107 facts about Inside Out
Journey to the ...
OK 74 Points 2008

Entirely serviceable entertainment for young boys, and those in touch with their inner boy.

Note that I saw it as an airplane movie, so it was most assuredly not the 3D version. I bet it’d be a hoot and a half in 3D. But why stop there? The movie was clearly designed with a future theme p…

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