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Forrest Gump
Perfect 99 Points 1994

America. My theory is that Forrest Gump serves as personification of the early baby boomers, i.e. of the America of that era. Naive, idealistic, rambunctious, Forrest’s life functions as allegory for the cultural journey of the generation that came of age during the 60s.

Whether you buy that…

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WikChip Image Lovely Hanks
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That Thing You Do
Perfect 3 Points 1996

A film directed, written, and starred in by Tom Hanks can’t be bad right? This feel good film with a catchy sound track from 1996 starred Hanks with little known actors Liv Tyler, Ethan Embry, Tom Everett Scott, Giovanni Ribisi and Charlize Theron as a bunch of small town kids in the 60’s. Follo…

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Fight Club
Perfect 107 Points 1999

Let’s talk about Fight Club. A contemporary classic, David Fincher’s surreal masterpiece makes killer use of several cinematic power tools: sophisticated CGI and film processing, faux sophisticated alienation, throbbing music, Brad Pitt. You gotta give this nihilistic triumph grudging credit….

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WikChip Image Brad Fucking Pitt
High Fidelity
Perfect 1 Points 2000

This stands as one of my favorite films of all time. The simple beauty of the dialog, story and characters are a complete package that hits the viewers emotional center and is cathartic to someone with my sensibility, which is one of release through empathetic art (music or film). There are som…

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Scary Movie 2
Perfect 1 Points 2001
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Cinema Paradiso
Perfect 1 Points 1989

Thisis my favorite movie of all time. It’s very long and slow at times. I watch it every year in the winter when the weather is miserable. I put a nice pot of stew on the stove and snuggle in to enjoy the sweetest story ever. The trick to this one though is to stay with it all the way through…

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Garden State
Perfect 2 Points 2004

Authentic and brilliant!

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Shaun of the Dead
Perfect 53 Points 2004

Excellant comedy, pretty good romace drama, good but not great zombie film. Endlessly rewatchable, I didn’t even get the best joke til my thrid viewing.

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Perfect 20 Points 2006

The Robinsons are one of the only families in the neighborhood who don’t own a pet zombie. This is largely because Bill Robinson (Baker) deathly fears them. When he was younger his father turned in to a zombie and he was forced to kill him. Ever since then zombies and his father were subjects t…

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The History Boys
Perfect 6 Points 2006

First off, I’d like to note that this film took me 2 months to find up here in Canada! Eventually I turned to the internet and purchased a copy, and I’m very glad I did. Filled with dead-pan humour and exceptional wit, yet peppered with serious elements and a message, this adaptation of the Tony-…

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