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Shaun of the Dead
Perfect 53 Points 2004

Excellant comedy, pretty good romace drama, good but not great zombie film. Endlessly rewatchable, I didn’t even get the best joke til my thrid viewing.

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  • MJ5K – Thnx, JP. Yeah, I love this movie. Its easily in my ...
Little Fockers
Perfect 1 Points 2010
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Perfect 20 Points 2006

The Robinsons are one of the only families in the neighborhood who don’t own a pet zombie. This is largely because Bill Robinson (Baker) deathly fears them. When he was younger his father turned in to a zombie and he was forced to kill him. Ever since then zombies and his father were subjects t…

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Death at a Funeral
Perfect 13 Points 2007

Absolutely brilliant! I love this movie. My girlfriend and I watched it last night, and I wish that everyone could have seen the reactions this movie brought out in us because they do it much more justice than my words can or will. We laughed, had sharp intakes of breath, “Oh no!” moments … …

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Lars and the Re...
Perfect 112 Points 2007

Wonderful movie: LOL funny yet deeply serious. Lars – the manchild played with perfect pitch by Ryan Gosling – has one of the most entertaining breakdowns in cinematic history. His need to cavort around town with an inanimate woman provides the grist for an involving psychiatric adventure, whil…

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WikChip Image Bianca comes to dinner: hilarious & t...
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  • jasonhurwitz – Just watched this movie -- AWESOME. Expect a review ...
Kung Fu Panda
Perfect 1 Points 2008
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Forgetting Sara...
Perfect 108 Points 2008

Laff-a-minute comedy, perhaps the best one yet from golden producer Judd Apatow and his repertory players. Delightfully surprising from scene-to-scene, FSM mints three movie stars – two beauties and a charming beast: Mila Kunis, smolderingly beautiful, possesses the best voice since Kathleen T…

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WikChip Image 2 Beauties, Big Lunk & Charming Beast
Who Framed Roge...
Perfect 66 Points 1988

Who Framed Roger Rabbit harked back to a bygone era, even as it kicked-off today’s advanced one. It resuscitated hand-drawn cartoons, yet was the first to mix animation with live action, presaging the half-human, half-fake movies common ever since. Ironic, no. Oh yeah, Roger Rabbit is also dr…

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WikChip Video Sexiest Debut Ever
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Curb Your Enthu...
Perfect 9 Points 2000

Larry David is a true comedy genius. Who showed it when he produced a certain little sitcom known as “Seinfeld” but his real talent shows on HBO’s classic comedy series “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. “Curb” is a fictitious version of Larry David’s life post-seinfeld as writer and producer in Los Angeles…

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  • MJ5K – Thnx, Wick. My family and I love this show and my fr...
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A Christmas Story
Perfect 9 Points 1983

An American Christmas classic. The best holiday movie ever made. Great moments and classic scenes. A must see for the whole family.

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