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Das Boot
Perfect 83 Points 1981

One of the all-time great submarine movies, so terrific it even had this Yiddish Yank rooting for the Nazi Navy.

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Ghosts... of th...
Perfect 13 Points 1988

One of the most unnerving viewing experiances ever, Ghosts … of the Civil Dead is the polar opposite of The Shawshank Redemption’s message of hope and goodness in humanity even thought their both prison flims. I’ve been described as liking director John Hillcoat’s third film The Proposition eno…

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Forrest Gump
Perfect 99 Points 1994

America. My theory is that Forrest Gump serves as personification of the early baby boomers, i.e. of the America of that era. Naive, idealistic, rambunctious, Forrest’s life functions as allegory for the cultural journey of the generation that came of age during the 60s.

Whether you buy that…

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Pulp Fiction
Perfect 55 Points 1994

Quentin Tarantino at his best. Honestly, I think this should be voted one of the best movies of the 90’s. With a lineup of John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackon, Rosanna Arquette, and most of the others – this film can do no wrong. Add its hallmark witty dialog and intricate …

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The Shawshank R...
Perfect 93 Points 1994

Ultimate male bonding, pungent dialogue, and charismatic performances make this a classic fairytale for grown men. Tim Robbins’ steely, understated banker-behind-bars buddies up with Morgan Freeman’s laconic, decent con to form a duo for the ages.

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Before Sunrise
Perfect 66 Points 1995

A perfect romance for the highly verbal. After meeting on a train, the cynical American guy and the tartly romantic French gal talk and talk. By turns delirious, impudent and philosophical, their conversation turns a one night stand into more of a one-night-talk.

The story concludes in "Befo…

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WikChip Image Talk, Talk, Kiss
Apollo 13
Perfect 77 Points 1995

Gripping from start to finish, though the end is never in doubt.

Stands as a testament to American heroism, ingenuity and bravura movie-making.

Tom Hanks – in one of his iconic performances – heads a stellar cast atop their games.

The screenplay introduced not one, but two catchphrases i…

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WikChip Image Haise & Lovell: Right Stuff Real Deal
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The English Pat...
Perfect 1 Points 1996
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That Thing You Do
Perfect 3 Points 1996

A film directed, written, and starred in by Tom Hanks can’t be bad right? This feel good film with a catchy sound track from 1996 starred Hanks with little known actors Liv Tyler, Ethan Embry, Tom Everett Scott, Giovanni Ribisi and Charlize Theron as a bunch of small town kids in the 60’s. Follo…

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Perfect 1 Points 1997

Face/Off is about an FBI agent on the trail of a brutal terrorist who goes through a facial surgery to become the terrorist in order to catch him.
This movie is as thrilling and intense as an action movie is. The only thing is you’ll have to keep him with the characters so you wouldn’t get conf…

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