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Natural Born Ki...
Good 36 Points 1994

A macabre tale of a twisted couple (Woody Narrelson and Juliette Lewis) who road-trip along route 666 (yeah, that’s right – route 666) on a killing spree that serves as the backdrop for director Oliver Stone’s almost psychedelic filming style. This is a cult movie to be sure – but unlike othe…

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Beyond the Sea
Good 83 Points 2004

The Peter Principle personified: Kevin Spacey reached his level of incompetence by writing, directing and starring in Beyond the Sea, a surreal biopic of Bobby Darin. The starring part was mostly fine.

The writing and directing parts, not so much.

Darin’s terrific songs make the movie an…

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WikChip Image Kate Bosworth models Sandra Dee
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Atlas Shrugged:...
Good 66 Points 2012

Atlas tried, again. If only Part II was double the fun or carried twice the load of Part I.

Instead, the new casting ends net neutral while the story remains mired in the Fifties.

Plus the sheer weight of putting on an economic thriller remains overwhelming. Still, all hail the attempt….

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WikChip Image Beghe's Hank Reardon - hell of a man
$5 a Day
Good 83 Points 2008

A smalltime con artist reconnects with his reluctant son as they scam their way cross-country in $5 a Day. The whole thing has an understated lunacy to it that evokes a bygone era.
Indeed, it feels like an old-time movie set in the Rap Era.

$5 a Day has three main assets: classic Christo…

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WikChip Image Ageless Stone: charisma & sex appeal
The Rover
Good 66 Points 2014

Lots of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Well, that’s not true. The Rover signifies a monumental Guy Pearce performance, coupled with a notable Robert Pattinson one. Nor was there lots of sound, come to think of it. Surprisingly little actually, what with Guy Pearce’s quietly laconic ave…

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WikChip Image Guy Pearce: Moviestar for the Ages
Good 83 Points 2007

Contemporary thriller-on-a-train, ultimately gripping though it takes a while to get there, not unlike an interesting train trip. Woody Harrelson and Ben Kingsley bring star power to writer-director Brad Anderson’s well constructed movie, though the script and secondary characters are also first…

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OK 83 Points 1996

Not Money, “Money” being Swingers’ buzzword for winning. Granted the movie stood out in the mid-90s for its over-the-top retro sensibilities and for introducing Vince Vaughn’s charming jerk act to a wide audience. Those attributes and an achingly lovely Heather Graham are all that recommend i…

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Barely OK 66 Points 2012

The poster tells the tale. Robert Pattinson starring in a David Cronenberg movie of a Don DeLillo book is all you need to know about Cosmopolis. A deeply surreal fable about the evil rich as embodied by a soulless manqué sums it up. Oh yeah, bloody wounds get inflicted. It is a David Cronenb…

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WikChip Image Financial vampire in 4 wheel stretch ...
Murder on the O...
None Yet 0 Points 2017