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The Dark Knight
Perfect 173 Points 2008

Wickedly funny, morally complex, tremendously engaging: Comik movies get no better. Worthy of its monumental hype, The Dark Knight far exceeds its immediate predecessor Batman Begins and arguably outshines the original Batman….

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WikChip Image Greatest Swansong in Hollywood History
11 Replies
  • MJ5K – Ah, how could I forget. There were just too many goo...
  • Wick – Agreed. Let's not forget _Iron Man_, also from 2008.
  • MJ5K – I gotta say, Wick, as far as movies go, I'd say 2008...
  • Demona – Totally, on the flipping truck part.. I saw the behi...
Pirates of the ...
Perfect 9 Points 2003

A movie based on a ride should never be this good. The jokes shouldn’t work this well. Depp shouldn’t have been able to put forth such a solid performance. But it all worked. Every last bit of this movie just…worked. The key, I think, is that it never takes itself too seriously. This movi…

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A Bug's Life
Perfect 2 Points 1998

Another really funny, great Pixar movie.

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Toy Story 3
Perfect 92 Points 2010

Flawless. Silly, deep, wonderful and wise, TS3 pegs the perfection meter. Boing!! Purple, purple, purple. Every toy gets its due, every heart string gets plucked, every joke works. Wow, how does Pixar keep doing this? They’re the Jacksons – the Phil Jacksons – of movie making.

TS3 gi…

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WikChip Image Heroes for the Ages: All Ages & All Eras
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  • MJ5K – Regarding "Wick's Review":/movie_reviews/2729-toy-st...
  • Wick – Regarding "MetalJunky5000's Review":/movie_reviews/2...
Partly Cloudy
Perfect 78 Points 2009

Perhaps the most lighthearted film ever, this rib tickling short delivers surprising emotional weight in its six minute running time. Initially evoking classic delivered-by-the-stork scenes from cartoons gone by, the film soon becomes a tale of dutiful loyalty in the face of inadvertent harm. …

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WikChip Image He doesn't mean to be hurtful
Toy Story
Perfect 2 Points 1995

Toy story is a film that anyone who has had a childhood, should love. We all had the idea of our Toys coming to life when we are not around. The film perfects every premise of a cgi film, it has Everything, alot of comedy, emotional scenes, Characters you actually care for and even intense action…

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WikChip Video toy story trailer.
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  • MJ5K – Regarding "Danielrobertwright's Review":/movie_revie...
Toy Story 2
Perfect 2 Points 1999

Toy Story 2 is Perfect, but in my opinion, it is not as enjoyable as the first movie for nostalgic reasons, Toy story 2 gets everything right, Hillarious, Moving and A great sequel.

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WikChip Video toy story 2 trailer.