Feast of Love

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By Trust Created Summary Acting Film Edge Reality
TRUST WEIGHTED Very Good Great Very Good Risqué Glib
AVERAGE Great Great Very Good Risqué Glib
Very Good 3.5

Fifteen years after Sleepless in Seattle, Feast of Love offers Pairing in Portland, a cinematic soap opera full of …

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Great 4.0

Dream Cast —

  • Morgan Freeman & Jane Alexander: Wise elders gracefully recovering from a familial tragedy
  • Greg Kin…
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Very Good 3.5

Great date movie. Sensitive, but "aye like it too," and not just because of the bevy of beauties who enjoy languorous …

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Risqué 2.0

Most of the 2.0 Edginess score comes from the Sex. Hallelujah, as the song goes.

A couple of deaths figure in the s…

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Glib 1.1

Trendy with a lite touch: amateur porn to cute corner coffee bars play in the story.

The reality of the movie is def…

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Very Good 3.5

Small town love and drama extraordinaire. Think of this film as a soap opera, but without the cheesyness and a healthy …

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Good 3.0

Morgan Freeman does his tried-and-true shtick as the wise old man that "gets" everything perfectly. Greg Kinnear is an…

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Very Good 3.5

Set in an idylic small town in Oregon the film provides a welcome respite from city-bound typical romantic dramas. Dial…

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Sordid 2.6

Plenty of full frontal shots… which was a bit surprising given the feeling of this movie.

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Glib 1.3
Really Great 4.5

If your a sucker for love story's then you will cry your heart out for this one. Feast of Love is a perfect example of …

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Really Great 4.5

I dont think anyone else could have done any better. I loved every person involved in this film.

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Very Good 3.5

nothing stand out about this film. its your basic romance love story chick flick. i may not be a chick but i still enjo…

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Sordid 2.7

theres quite a bit of sex in this movie. same with the nudity level.

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Natural 1.0

this is something that most likely happens all the time. because its life.

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